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Walk Safely with Path Lights in Richmond

Richmond properties are beautiful. The architecture, the landscaping, they’re gorgeous and the walkways we see are no exception. They are both attractive and important as they guide visitors throughout your property. All too often, however, we see that the paths disappear at night when the sun goes down. That isn’t the case with our stunning and effective path lights.

Path lights are one of the most important components to outdoor lighting design. They increase the safety of a property by allowing everyone to clearly see where they are going and if there is anything in their way, be it a stick, rock or a child’s toy. The key to beautiful path lighting is in the quality of the light fixture itself. We’ve all seen landscape lighting systems with way too many path lights, most often solar lights. Solar lights don’t emit enough illumination to properly light a surface, that’s why they seem to be installed every couple feet. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we use the highest quality low voltage path lights. With a large light spread, only a few are typically needed to properly light any walkway.

All of our path lights are copper and brass, ensuring they will last for years to come. In fact, they hold a lifetime warranty. Our clients love the designs of our fixtures. Over time, they will result in a beautiful patina that flows perfectly into the landscaping.

Path lights are not only for lighting walkways, they’re also a great option for deck and patio lighting. They are often installed around the edge of an outdoor living space so you can spend extended time outdoors.

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