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Landscape Lighting in Richmond

From crape and myrtles and brick walkways to azaleas and pergolas, Richmond homeowners take great pride in their landscapes and gardens, however, the only way to ensure that they can be appreciated at all hours is if you have landscape lighting.

When it comes to having friends and family over at night, landscape lighting is a great way to add safety and security as well as beauty to your home. Walkway and path lighting creates a clear path for visitors to travel while on your property. You won’t need to worry about anyone tripping or falling on a stick or stone in the way with the addition of just a few path lights or down lights throughout the property.

Tree lighting allows you to add visual interest to your outdoor illumination and is one of our favorite landscape lighting techniques. There are two common tree lighting practices that our clients love: up lighting and moonlighting. Up lighting highlights the tree from its base with fixtures shooting the light upward. It really makes the trees pop. Moonlighting is a more subtle effect, but equally as stunning. Fixtures are placed high in the trees with the beam shooting down through the branches. It mimics the light of the moon and creates beautiful shadows beneath.

Landscape lighting would not be complete without the addition of garden lights. Garden lights bring out the color and textures of the flowers, shrubbery or other outdoor feature.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’re the experts in landscape lighting in Richmond, Charlottesville and the surrounding areas. We will walk the property with you to find out how you intend to the space and the favorite parts of your property. From there, we will design, install and maintain an outdoor lighting system you are sure to love.

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