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Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Richmond

Outdoor lighting is one way to increase the safety and security of any property, especially commercial properties. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design, install and maintain commercial outdoor lighting in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas to make your property more welcoming to clients.

Many people do not feel safe when approaching unlit areas. You can’t be sure of where you are stepping or what is around. When designing commercial lighting systems, we focus on a few key areas of the property: signs, entranceways, paths and parking lots.

To increase business, it’s important that your customers can see the sign of your business or neighborhood. We look for ways to make your signage pop at night in a beautiful way. Most signs only need a few lights to increase their visibility.

Whether it is a doctor’s office, store, hotel, restaurant or other commercial property, dark buildings do not look inviting to prospective customers. Architectural and landscape lighting make buildings look beautiful and welcoming. At OLP, we use a combination of different lighting techniques to highlight the best features of the property.

Pathways and parking lots are incredibly important when designing a commercial outdoor lighting system as they are the most heavily traveled parts of the property. They guide visitors to the building and make them feel safer when coming and going. At OLP, we install energy-efficient lighting that provides a warm wash of light while saving money compared to traditional commercial lighting.

If you own or manage a commercial property, please call us at 804-874-9985 to discuss your needs.

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