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Elegant Outdoor Holiday Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville for a Sophisticated & Festive Curb Appeal

As the holidays approach, you want your property to look festive while reflecting your magnificent sense of style. While some people can be over-the-top when decorating, you’re looking for simplicity and elegance. You desire a sophisticated outdoor holiday lighting design that accentuates the unique architecture of your home and beautiful features of your landscape, but how can you find a company that you can trust to meet your expectations?

When it comes to custom outdoor holiday lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville is the best in the business. We’ve been installing outdoor holiday lighting for more than twenty years, and every job is customized to each client. Our work is to the highest quality standard with a level of customer service that is unsurpassed, and, most importantly, our outdoor holiday lighting is absolutely stunning.

Exquisite Outdoor Holiday Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we know everyone is different and has a unique vision for their home at the holidays. We believe that holiday lighting begins with you, and we want you to be an integral part of the process. To gain a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, we first come out for a complimentary outdoor holiday lighting consultation to walk with you through your property and discuss your goals.

Some of our client’s favorites include highlighting wreaths and garlands around the house, tree lighting, wrapping shrubs with lights, and illuminating the roofline. Whatever you desire, you can rest assured that our holiday lighting experts will deliver an end-result that is simply spectacular while reflecting your elegant sense of style.

When working with OLP of Richmond and Charlottesville, you get elegant holiday lighting and a festive curb appeal without all the fuss! Gone are the days of tangled lights and broken bulbs – we take care of it all, and the process is seamless. If you’re looking for custom holiday lighting for the exterior of your Richmond or Charlottesville home or landscape this season, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at 804-874-9985 or complete our online contact form. We are booking now!

Extend Outdoor Fun this Summer with Stunning Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

You have the pool, the fire pit, the patio, and other glorious outdoor spaces that exude the essence of summertime fun. Sprawling gardens, majestic trees, and winding pathways surround each area, creating a gorgeous setting that integrates nature with form and function. While your backyard is the source of fun for family and friends during the daylight hours during the summer months, it all comes to an end once darkness falls over your landscape.

But it doesn’t have to.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville, we design and install custom low voltage landscape lighting that elegantly illuminates your property, extending summertime fun into the evening hours. Using high-quality copper fixtures that are energy-efficient and stand the test of time, our outdoor lighting experts create upscale low voltage landscape lighting designs that are both subtle and luxurious. By focusing on the overall effect and using artful lighting techniques, we accentuate the best features of your property, creating a lovely ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that low voltage landscape lighting in Richmond and Charlottesville begins with you. You’ve invested a lot of time and resources into your property over the years, and we want to capture that vision with outdoor lighting. Our goal is to work closely with you through the entire process, from concept to design to installation, so that we can achieve all your landscape lighting goals while reflecting your signature style.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Gorgeous Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Are you interested in low voltage landscape lighting for your property but aren’t sure which outdoor lighting installer to trust? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have been elegantly illuminating homes, outdoor spaces, and landscapes for clients in Richmond and Charlottesville for more than twenty years. We pride ourselves on superior, custom lighting designs that elegantly transform properties into the evening hours, creating a lovely ambiance and magnificent curb appeal. With levels of artistry, quality, and expertise that go unsurpassed, our results are stunning.

Envision your life with upscale landscape lighting. Your kids can spend evenings with their friends lounging around the pool and then walk safely along the gently lit pathways to a game of badminton or horseshoes. At the end of the day, family members can come together around the illuminated hardscape at the firepit to roast s’mores and catch up on the latest events. Late in the evening, you can relax out on the patio with close friends with an after-dinner drink or dessert, relishing in the beauty of your exquisite gardens and trees. Who could ask for more?

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

If you’re interested in learning more about upscale low voltage landscape lighting in Richmond and Charlottesville, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule a complimentary evening consultation and lighting demonstration at 804-874-9985 or complete our online form. We look forward to helping you extend your time outdoors this summer!

Create the Perfect Ambiance for Summer Evenings with Custom Deck Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

The weather is great, and with summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the grill and get your deck set up just the way you like it for everyday use as well as entertaining. Since there’s nothing your family and friends enjoy more than relaxing on your expansive deck into the evening hours, you want the atmosphere to be just right.

deck lighting richmond charlottesville

Big, comfortable chairs, a gorgeous long table, plantings, and stylish outdoor décor contribute to a lovely setting, but when it comes to deck lighting, there’s room for improvement. Maybe you’ve been relying on old lights that are too harsh, or maybe you have a few candles or lanterns that just don’t get the job done. Either way, it’s time to accentuate the beauty of your deck during the nighttime hours and create the elegant ambiance your looking for with upscale deck lighting.

Light Up the Night with Exquisite Deck Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

You’ve just finished dinner outside on your deck and everyone is content. As the days are a flurry of activity, evening is the time you cherish the most. Just as everyone unwinds and starts to share the stories of the day, the light starts to go, and this special time is disrupted. People like seeing who they’re talking to and being aware of their surroundings, and, for most of us, it’s uncomfortable to sit around in the dark.

deck lighting richmond charlottesville

With custom deck lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville, you can create the perfect ambiance for friends and family to enjoy long after the daylight has gone. Our designer deck lighting systems are both functional and elegant, highlighting your deck’s architecture, features, and textures while providing a gentle wash of illumination over the space that is exceptionally appealing. We also install task lighting for areas that need a brighter light, such as the grill.

We believe deck lighting begins with you and encourage you to be an integral part of the process from concept to design to installation. It’s our goal to achieve the effect that you’ve dreamed about, meeting all your wants and needs while reflecting your exceptional sense of style. By focusing on the overall lighting effect and strategically placing fixtures throughout the space, we are able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where people can safely move around. The results are stunning.

deck lighting richmond charlottesville

If you’re interested in learning more about our upscale deck lighting in Richmond and Charlottesville, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule a complimentary evening consultation and lighting demonstration at 804-874-9985or complete our online form. We look forward to helping you make the most of your deck during the nighttime hours this summer!

Transform Your End-of-School Outdoor Celebrations Into the Nighttime Hours with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Have kids? Whether they’re nine or nineteen, kids get pretty excited when the end of the school year rolls around, and what’s a better way to celebrate than an outdoor celebration?

With everything you’ve invested into your landscape, including your winding pathways, fabulous pool, fire pit, and other unique outdoor spaces, your property is the perfect place to host a wonderful celebration for your kids and their friends. You can see it now: Kids bouncing on the trampoline, tossing horseshoes in the backyard, and hanging out poolside while you fire up the grill to prepare the summertime favorites.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

But what happens once the daylight starts to go? You don’t want to cut the party short, but it’s not safe for all those kids to be moving around outside in the dark. After all, you don’t want any accidents to happen. While you always go the extra mile when entertaining, you also don’t relish the thought of 25 kids trampling through your house once the sun goes down.

With designer low voltage landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Richmond and Charlottesville, you can elegantly transform your property into the evening hours and keep the party going. The kids will be delighted that they share the extra hours together before many of them head their separate ways for summer adventures, and you can feel comfortable knowing your property is illuminated to prevent any trips, falls, or other mishaps.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Light Up Outdoor Celebrations at Night with Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs upscale, custom low voltage landscape lighting for properties in the Richmond and Charlottesville area. For more than 20 years, our outdoor lighting experts have been working with local homeowners to accentuate the beautiful features of their landscape while increasing the safety and security around their homes, and we can do the same for your property.

Since every homeowner is unique, and so is every property, we believe outdoor lighting begins with you. From concept to design to installation, we want you to be an integral part of the process, so we can meet your outdoor lighting wants and needs while reflecting your signature style.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we focus on the overall lighting effect by using varying techniques, such as uplighting, downlighting, and moonlighting. As we strategically place our high-quality copper light fixtures throughout your property, you’ll see the textures and colors of your beautiful landscape come alive at night, and the results are stunning.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Picture your next end-of-school celebration. A gentle light sets over your landscape just as the sun dips below the horizon, and the games and laughter continue even though it’s dark. As you watch from the deck, you can see what everyone is doing. The kids are safe and having the time of their lives, and you feel happy that you’ve helped create a memory they will carry with them for years to come.

If you’d like to find out what low voltage landscape lighting can do for your Richmond or Charlottesville property, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 804-874-9985 to complete our online form. We look forward to helping you make your next outdoor celebration the best one yet!

Upscale Outdoor LED Lighting Offers the Perfect Nighttime Ambiance for Richmond & Charlottesville Properties

You’ve invested in a beautiful landscape complete with carefully-planned, elegant outdoor living spaces for everyone to enjoy, but, sadly, once the sun goes down, all those outdoor opportunities go to waste. The expansive deck and patio, the inviting fire pit, and the luxurious pool just don’t get the amount of use that you’d hoped for.

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

You’ve put your heart and soul into creating these fantastic spaces with the intention of spending endless hours outside with your family and entertaining friends, but the reality is that as soon as nighttime falls, no one wants to hang out or bumble around in the dark. With all the time and expense that you’ve put in, wouldn’t it be wonderful to elegantly transform your landscape during the nighttime hours so that you can extend time outside with the people you care about?

Take Back the Night with Designer Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we design and install custom, upscale outdoor LED lighting that stands the test of time. Whether we’re customizing outdoor lights for your deck or patio, illuminating your sprawling gardens and pathways, or accentuating your magnificent trees, our experts will transform your property so that it’s both functional and elegant, creating the perfect ambiance for time spent outside at night.

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Because we believe that outdoor lighting begins with you, we want you to be an integral part of the process, from concept to design to installation. This way, we can achieve the specifics of your outdoor lighting wants and needs while reflecting your signature style. By consulting with you along the way and integrating varying lighting techniques that focus more on the lighting effect than the fixture, we are able to create exquisite aesthetic throughout your property, and the results are stunning.

To get started, we offer a complimentary consultation to gather information about your outdoor LED lighting goals. Next, we come out for a free evening lighting demonstration and temporarily illuminate the spaces and features you have in mind so that you can see what our outdoor lighting can do for you before making a commitment.

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

During the demonstration, you’ll experience the soft glow over your property and see your gardens and trees come alive amongst the darkness. The patio, deck, and pool area will look splendid and inviting, and the gently lit pathways will make traveling through the property safe for everyone. Everyone will be able to see where they’re going, what they’re doing, and who they’re talking to – the perfect combination for extended time outdoors.

If you’d like to learn more about designer outdoor LED lighting in the Richmond or Charlottesville area, call our experts today at 804-874-9985 to complete our online form to schedule your free consultation and demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take back the night!

Create a Beautiful, Relaxing Outdoor Retreat at Night with Designer Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

As your days are filled with the responsibilities that go along with life, the evening hours are when you take time for yourself. You love to recharge outdoors and have invested a lot in a beautiful property, but by the time you’re able to relax and unwind, the sun is often starting to dip below the horizon, and you’re unable to enjoy your surroundings in the dark.

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

With custom uplighting, you can spend every free moment outdoors in the sanctuary of your landscape. By strategically placing or mounting a light so that it shines upwards onto the vertical features of your property, the possibilities for gloriously illuminating your home and landscape at night are extensive.

Unwind & Recharge with Soft, Elegant Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Uplighting can transform the best features of your property into a gently illuminated outdoor retreat that brings you the peace and tranquility that you deserve at the end of the day. By accentuating the architecture of your home, walls, trees, columns, and unique features such as fountains, sculptures, and other vertical features, a subtle glow sets over your property as darkness falls, creating a splendid nighttime ambiance that helps you relax and take a deep breath.

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville, our outdoor lighting experts customize uplighting to meet your specific goals. We believe outdoor lighting begins with you and work with you closely through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation. By customizing the range and brightness of light through each area of your landscape, we are able to achieve the effect you desire while reflecting your magnificent sense of style.

As a first step, we come out for a complimentary evening visit and walk with you through your property, temporarily illuminating the different features of your home and landscape along the way. This way, you can visualize exactly what uplighting and other outdoor lighting techniques can do for your property without making a commitment.

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

Imagine what a vision it would be to capture the beauty of your majestic trees and other magnificent elements in your landscape at night. Maybe you are listening to soothing music or just enjoying the sounds of your natural surroundings as you gaze out at the unique features of your property. Perhaps you are unwinding with friends and family on the deck while your children play among the gorgeous, illuminated trees. Whatever the case, your property at night is exquisite, and you couldn’t feel more at ease, refreshed, and ready for a new day.

If you’re interested in uplighting or outdoor lighting for your Richmond or Charlottesville property, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 804-874-9985 for a free demonstration and consultation. We look forward to helping you take back the night!

Busy Families Extend Quality Time Together Outside with Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Nothing is more important to you than the time you spend with your family, and your property is set up for fun and relaxation. From the fire pit to the pool to the patio, there are so many options for the family to come together. But with everyone’s busy schedules, it seems like it gets later and later each day until everyone’s available, and you feel like the special moments together could be slipping away.

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

With custom landscape lighting , you can carry the fun of daytime activities into the night! Whether it’s a game of horseshoe’s in the backyard, cannonballs off the diving board, or swapping the day’s stories on the patio, you’ll extend precious time together with the ones you love when your property is transformed into the nighttime hours.

Treasured Family Time in a Beautiful Nighttime Setting

While it’s easy to sit in front of the TV together in the evening, it’s not the same as interacting outside. We all need a healthy dose of fresh air after a long day, and a little activity in the evening goes a long way. When it comes to quality family time, there’s nothing better than spending time outdoors together in your beautiful surroundings.

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

With designer landscape lighting, you can elegantly illuminate the best features of your property for function and beauty. Gently lit pathways, pergolas, gardens, trees, and other unique features of your property become a nighttime backdrop for your family time together. As you relax by the fire pit while the kids roast marshmallows, you relish in the splendor of your exquisite landscape at night. Despite an eventful day, you’ve brought the family together. Everyone is happy, and everything feels right.

Designer Landscape Lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we believe outdoor lighting begins with you and work closely with you through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation. We want your landscape lighting to be everything you desire so that you can enjoy your beautiful property to its full potential long after the sun goes down.

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

To start the process, we come out for a complimentary lighting demonstration and consultation. At that time, we walk through your property and temporarily light up the desired features of your landscape so that you can see right then and there what custom illumination can do for you. This way, you have a clear vision of what your property will look with designer outdoor lighting without making a commitment.

If you’d like to learn more about upscale landscape lighting in the Richmond or Charlottesville area, call us today at 804-874-9985 or complete our online form to schedule your complimentary outdoor lighting demonstration. We look forward hearing from you and helping you extend time with family outdoors!

Elegantly Illuminate Your Home & Landscape with Upscale Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Your property is gorgeous. From your home’s magnificent architecture to the winding pathways, rolling gardens, and majestic trees, there isn’t any place you’d rather call home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could carry all that beauty into the nighttime hours?

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Spending time outside is a top priority, and entertaining is something you love to do. Family and friends enjoy relaxing in your well-appointed outdoor spaces and strolling through the picturesque pathways of your property. It’s such a shame that it all needs to come to an end once the sun dips below the horizon, but you simply can’t have people bumbling around in the dark.

Take Back the Night with Custom Outdoor LED Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond and Charlottesville, we help you take back the night by elegantly illuminating your home and landscape with upscale outdoor LED lighting. By focusing on the lighting effect, we accentuate the best features of your property while creating a lovely ambiance and nighttime curb appeal. You’ll be able to extend time outdoors with friends and family and enjoy everything your beautiful landscape has to offer long after the sun goes down.

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

We believe outdoor lighting begins with you, and you’re an integral part of the process. From concept to design to installation, we work closely with you to meet your wants and needs while reflecting your signature style.

As a first step, we come out in the evening for a complimentary lighting demonstration and consultation. Our lighting experts walk with you through your property and temporarily illuminate the different features of your landscape. Whether it’s the exterior of your home, the deck or patio, pathways, trees, gardens, pool area, or other features and structures, you’ll be able to see first-hand what outdoor LED lighting can do for you.

With the advancements in LED technology over the years, our custom led fixtures offer a beautiful aesthetic and are energy-efficient. While LED lighting of yesteryear conjures up an image of a bluish hue, those days are long gone. Today’s upscale LED lighting gives off a soft white light that is both welcoming and luxurious. Each lamp will give you 30,000-50,000 hours of light, so you are only changing bulbs one-tenth of the time and saving 80% on electricity compared to the usage associated with halogen or incandescent bulbs.

outdoor LED lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Picture an evening outdoors on your exquisite property with upscale outdoor LED lighting. You’re relaxing outdoors on your deck watching your younger children play hide-and-seek among the trees as your teenagers and some friends throw horseshoes not far from the firepit. Just as the daylight starts to go, a warm, gentle glow falls over your property, and the effect is stunning. No one needs to go home or inside, nothing is disrupted. It’s beautiful and peaceful, just as you imagined it would be.

If you would you’re interested in learning more about outdoor LED lighting in Richmond or Charlottesville, call us at 804-874-9985 or complete our online form to schedule your complimentary lighting demonstration and consultation. We look forward to helping you take back the night and extend your time outdoors!

Designer Deck Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville: Outdoor Entertaining At Its Best

The season for outdoor entertaining is just around the corner, and nothing sets the tone for a party more perfectly than upscale deck lighting. Designer deck lighting creates a lovely ambiance while gently highlighting the architecture of your elegant outdoor space. Guests can navigate around safely and relish in the atmosphere as they enjoy each other’s company and the nighttime air.

deck lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Light Up Your Outdoor Celebrations with Upscale Deck Lighting

You’re a master at entertaining, creating the perfect setting for a wonderful party on your deck. But what if things are just getting started as the sun starts to dip below the horizon? You’d need to wind things down or shuffle everyone inside. After all, your guests need to see where they’re going, and you certainly don’t want anyone to trip and fall.

No one wants a great party to end, and it doesn’t have to. You’re definitely not one to cut a party short, so why not set your party up for perfection with custom deck lighting?

deck lighting Richmond Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install custom, upscale deck lighting in Richmond and Charlottesville. We believe that deck lighting begins with you and work with you closely through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation. By focusing on your specific goals, we create the perfect ambiance while accentuating the architecture of your deck and reflecting your signature style. We work meticulously through every step of the process, and the results are stunning.

deck lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Custom Deck Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Picture your next party with custom deck lighting. Just as the sun starts to set, a gentle glow comes over your deck. Friends and family unwind in your big, comfortable chairs, sipping cocktails and swapping stories. You sit down and delight in the atmosphere and the smiling faces. Even though the daylight is gone, everyone’s having the time of their lives. You’ve done it again!

If you’re interested in learning more about designer deck lighting for your Richmond or Charlottesville home, call us today at 804-874-9985 or complete our online form for a free lighting demonstration and consultation. We look forward to helping you illuminate your deck so you can take back the night!

Spend More Time Outdoors this Spring! Light Up the Night with Custom Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Spring is right around the corner, and so is the warmer weather. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to illuminate your magnificent property during the evening hours and spend more time outdoors with friends and family?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville designs and installs upscale low voltage landscape lighting that is elegant and energy-efficient. Our top-priority is the lighting effect, and our high-quality copper fixtures are resistant to the elements, so they weather well over time and have a lovely aesthetic.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Whether your illuminating unique structures, majestic trees, sprawling gardens, winding pathways, or other features of your landscape, the results are stunning. And while landscape lighting has a glorious effect, it also increases safety and security on your property.

Exquisite Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we believe that landscape lighting begins with you. From concept to design to installation, we work closely with you through every step in the process. Our goal is to understand your outdoor lighting vision, reflect your signature style, and transform your landscape into a nighttime work of art.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

As a first step, our lighting professionals come out to your home in the evening for a complimentary consultation and demonstration. We walk through your property and temporarily illuminate your areas of focus so that you can see the effect before you make a commitment. Whether you’re looking to light up your pathways, trees, gardens, unique structures, fountains, ponds, or other features, you’ll be able to experience all the beauty our upscale lighting has to offer.

Designer Outdoor Illumination for Spectacular Views & Peace of Mind

Picture evenings outdoors with designer landscape lighting. Just as the sun begins to dip behind the trees, a soft, ambient glow appears over your property. As you wind through gently illuminated pathways, you take in the colors and depth of your lovely gardens and the glory of your majestic trees. Moving out to the patio, you catch your breath when you see your flower beds accentuated in a gentle wash of light.

low voltage landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

You relax with family and friends on the deck and take in the magnificent view. Younger children laugh and play safely amongst the trees in a game of hide-and-seek while teenagers relax around the fire pit. You can see where everyone is and know your landscape is safe and secure. Everyone is happy, and you have peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about low voltage landscape lighting in Richmond or Charlottesville, contact us today at 804-874-9985 or complete out our online form to schedule a free consultation and outdoor lighting demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take back the night!

How Uplighting Can Enhance the Beautiful Features of Your Home & Landscape in Richmond & Charlottesville

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

A beautiful home, majestic trees, unique design features – you have them all. But while your property has an exquisite curb appeal during the day, it’s unfortunate that all that beauty goes unnoticed when the sun goes down.

With custom uplighting, you can change all that by casting a light that shines up onto the most beautiful features of your home and landscape, creating a warm and natural glow that’s both lovely and inviting. Whether you’re uplighting your home’s architecture, trees, columns, posts, sculptures, fountains, or other tall vertical features, the results are stunning.

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

Uplighting Casts a Natural Glow Over the Best Parts of Your Property

You’ve invested a lot in your property, and it’s glorious. With custom uplighting, you can transform the beauty of your entire landscape into the evening hours for beautiful ambiance and magnificent curb appeal.

Imagine your property with designer uplighting. Gentle illumination brings out the gorgeous textures in your home’s exterior while the light focuses in on your highest gable. Your trees are resplendent against the backdrop of darkness as the light accentuates their height and beauty, and your columns and other unique features come together with exquisite illumination that transforms your property into a nighttime work of art.

When you arrive home in the evening, you see the soft illumination throughout your property highlighting each unique feature, a glorious vision to take in and appreciate. The overall effect allows you to reflect on the reward of investing in and creating a magnificent home and landscape that can be enjoyed long after the sun goes down.

uplighting Richmond Charlottesville

Upscale Uplighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs upscale outdoor lighting for properties in the Richmond and Charlottesville areas. We believe outdoor lighting begins with you, and from concept to design to installation, you’re an integral part of the process.

When it comes to uplighting, our goal is to customize the brightness and range of illumination for each feature of your landscape to create the effect you desire. By strategically illuminating the best features of your property while reflecting your unique sense of style, the results are stunning.

If you’d like to learn more about uplighting the beautiful features of your Richmond or Charlottesville property, give us a call at 804-874-9985 or complete our contact form to set up a free consultation and demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform the beauty of your landscape into the nighttime hours.

What are the Benefits of Custom Upscale Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville?

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

You’ve invested a lot in your property, and it shows. From your beautiful trees and gardens to your winding pathways and brick walkways, it’s clear you take pride in your landscape. Unfortunately, once the sun goes down, all this beauty goes unappreciated. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to illuminate those lovely features of your property at night?

With an upscale outdoor lighting installation, you can transform the beauty of your home and landscape into the evening hours, allowing everyone to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings long after the sun goes down. Whether you’re relaxing outdoors with your family or entertaining, you’ll appreciate the extensive benefits of custom landscape lighting for years to come.

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Top 5 Benefits of Custom Landscape Lighting

Once you install landscape lighting, it’s hard to imagine life without it. With so many benefits, our outdoor lighting experts wanted to share their top five. Designer landscape lighting:

1.) Extends Your Time Outdoors

As our lives get increasingly hectic, it can be hard to find the time to relax outdoors with friends and family. You have such a lovely landscape, and you want to take advantage of everything it has to offer. With custom landscape lighting, you can relax outdoors with the people you love for as long as your heart desires and share in the beauty of your elegantly illuminated property.

2.) Accentuates the Best Features of Your Landscape

Just as the sun starts to go, a gentle, ambient light falls over your landscape, highlighting the best features of your property. From majestic trees and gardens to pathways, pergolas, patios, and decks, designer illumination captures the beauty and uniqueness of each space and ties them all together in a way that is both elegant and magnificent.

3.) Sets the Perfect Tone for Nighttime Entertaining

No one wants to cut a great party short just because the sun goes down, and with custom landscape lighting, your party can transition seamlessly into the evening hours. Instead of shuffling your guests inside, they can relish in the ambiance of designer illumination and enjoy the glorious nighttime view.

4.) Creates a Magnificent Curb Appeal

As you arrive home in the evening, the soft glow of custom illumination offers comfort as you look forward to spending time with your family while your neighbors and passersby delight in glorious setting and pause for a moment to take in the view. And when guests arrive, they’ll know it’s the place to be!

5.) Increases Safety & Security

When you’re spending time outdoors at night, it’s important to see where you’re going and make sure everyone is safe. Custom landscape lighting allows you to move safely through your property without tripping over a stick or a stone. You can also keep an eye on your children as they play among the trees, by the pool, or other areas of your property. As a well-lit landscape is a deterrent for trespassers and criminal activity, you’re also increasing security in your home.

landscape lighting Richmond Charlottesville

Upscale Landscape Lighting in Richmond & Charlottesville

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond & Charlottesville, we offer custom landscape lighting to enhance the beauty and ambiance of your property while increasing safety and security. As we work from concept to design to installation, you’re an integral part of the process. By focusing on the overall lighting effect and reflecting your unique sense of style, our results are stunning.

If you are interested in learning more about upscale landscape lighting for your Richmond or Charlottesville home, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today at 804-874-9985 to set up a free consultation and lighting demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Landscape and Festive Outdoor Lighting – the Perfect Match

We love the holidays in Richmond. Homes are decorated for the season, inviting friends and family to celebrate the end of another year. From classic white lights to the outrageous displays on the tacky light tour, the Richmond area has it all. And, as the outdoor lighting experts, we can’t help but bask in all of the lights. Naturally, we have our favorites and over time, we’ve nailed down the perfect match – professional outdoor lighting and temporary festive lights.

Luminaries are a popular outdoor holiday lighting application. They are simple yet stunning. Often used to line walkways and guide people around the traveled spaces, homeowners love them because it isn’t a complicated installation. While pretty alone, when paired with additional lights, they are even more striking. Here you can see Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ tree lights combined with luminaries. The tree lights are permanent fixtures in the neighborhood while the luminaries are just there for the season. Together, they make this neighborhood even more welcoming to visitors.

The combination of architectural and Christmas lighting is just as beautiful. This property is illuminated with custom designed and installed façade lighting throughout the entire year. OLP designed the system to accentuate the standout details like the classic stone and growing ivy. During the holidays, however, the homeowners adds classic white Christmas lights to the roofline and shrubbery. By combining the façade and festive, the home shines brightly, but also evenly. Without the façade lighting, the home could be dark with just a few lines of light in the season.

C9 roofline lights are also a common Christmas decoration. Companies and homeowners painstakingly climb ladders to install lights along the architectural lines of a home like you see here. While beautiful and festive, it’s the path lights that guide visitors to the home and the subtle façade lighting make the entire home pop, with our without the C9 bulbs.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is your local resource for all things outdoor lighting. We pride ourselves on our custom design approach to lighting, making the perfect system for YOUR property.

Adding Lights and Getting Ready for the Holidays

Halloween has past and the time has changed. Night is creeping in earlier and stores are putting up their holiday displays. Are you ready for the influx of friends and family this season? As you think about making your Richmond area home more inviting for the holidays, consider how outdoor and landscape lighting can help.

Outdoor lighting can help you achieve many different goals, but there are a few this time of year that take precedence: increased safety, creating a welcoming feeling, and adding some festive flair. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the expert in tackling each of these goals successfully.

Increased Safety

While the holiday season is full of joy and cheer, it’s also dark. There is no way around it, wintertime is dark. And, with the temperature dropping and ice sometimes building, it can be slippery. It’s important that you and your guests can clearly see where they are stepping. OLP suggests illuminating walkways and other traveling paths as well as steps and stairs. Light guides people safely from the street or driveway to the home, and in most case, just a few LED landscape lighting fixtures are needed.

Creating a Welcoming Feeling

When hosting friends and family, it’s not uncommon for people to clean and decorate the inside of their home, but the outside can make just as large of an impact. The key to making your home more inviting? The entrance. Illuminating around your front door makes it pop as if to say: “come on in.” Whether you have columns, trees bordering your door, or nothing special, strategic façade, landscape, and column lighting fixtures will make a world of difference. And, since the fixtures will be permanent, your house will look great all year round!

Adding Festive Flair

Richmond is known for its lights during the holidays. Whether you light every part of your property or have a simple lit garland, outdoor Christmas lights add cheer to your property. At OLP, we offer our starry lights fixture that saves homeowners hours of hanging string lights in trees. Just a small fixture will shoot hundreds of light lasers on a tree or building, mimicking the look of string lights.

If you’re interested in adding lighting to your home this season, call us! We’re happy to help. (804) 874-9985.

Preparing for Daylight Savings

It happens every year, yet, it surprises us each and every year. Yes, we are just a few weeks away from Daylight Savings. On November 5th, the clocks turn back and suddenly we’re coming home in the dark. But you don’t have to go home to a dark house. Instead, go home to a beautiful, and safe, home illuminated by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve been designing and installing landscape and architectural lighting in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area for years. We pride ourselves on creating custom systems that increase both the curb appeal and the safety of our clients’ properties.

From historic and classic brick homes to new construction craftsman, there are endless types of architecture in the Richmond area, all with their own lines and standout features. As trained outdoor lighting designers, it’s our job to increase curb appeal by accentuating the structure. It’s important to us to illuminate the entire façade. While some outdoor lighting companies may just stick some up lights at the base of the home, it takes much more than that to create a stunning design. Up lights are a good start, but spot lights and down lights are often used to ensure there are no dark spots.

When the architectural lighting is done correctly, the result is both elegant and welcoming.

In addition to curb appeal, professional lighting, when done correctly, can make your property safer, which is an added bonus at daylight savings time. When it comes to adding safety, it’s important to light key areas and structures on the property: mainly steps and traveled pathways.

It seems pretty simple, lighting steps makes the space safer, yet we see dark steps on too many properties. Just a fixture or two can provide enough light to ensure you and your visitors can see the steps and decrease the chance of slipping. Step lights can be installed in the stair itself, or they can be illuminated from the side using deck lights (if there are railings) or path lights.

Travelled pathways, be them paved walkways or just a part of the yard that you walk every day from your car to the door, it’s important to light them to make sure you can see if anything is in your way, or to guide guests when they visit. Path lights or down lights are just two lighting techniques that could be considered.

If you’re thinking about lighting and coming home to a bright property this winter, please contact us at 804.874.9985 or fill out the form below.

Festive Lights for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are always looking for way to enhance and add charm to properties, residential and commercial alike. While we have been designing and installing custom architectural and landscape lighting for over 30 years, festive lighting is a newer service that is garnering a lot of attention.

With numerous design options, festive lights can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. Three of our favorite design types are orbs, LED laser lights and string/bistro lights.

These illuminated orbs instantly increase the charm on any property. Here you see them installed in a large tree, but light globes can be used in many ways, like lining a walkway, floating in water features or simply sitting on a table. Available in many sizes, orbs are primarily for aesthetics as their light spread doesn’t go very far. We love these fixtures for event spaces and chic outdoor living spaces, but suggest they be paired with classic outdoor lights for safety and security.

Created initially for outdoor holiday lights, LED laser lights bring a little flare to all spaces. A small, rechargeable fixture is placed at the base of a tree, fence or any other surface you want illuminated. When turned on, the fixture shoots hundreds of small LED laser lights out, making the surface shine with great light. Available in several different colors, the laser lights make for a fun addition for nice nights outside in the spring and summer and then can be placed in the front yard for the holidays!

Outdoor string lights are the most versatile festive light fixture. Growing in popularity, string lights can be hung over any space, wrapped around a railing, hung in a tree and more. Here you see a beautiful commercial application. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives hung these bistro lights over a hotel patio increasing its ambiance. Unlike the laser lights and lighting orbs, string lights can also provide enough illumination in some areas where other fixtures aren’t needed. These aren’t the same as the string lights you may use around the holidays. These commercial-grade lights are made for long-term outdoor use.

If you’re looking to enhance a space with festive lighting, call us at 804.874.9985 to discuss your options.

Making Your Home Shine with Light

If you watch any home improvement channel, you know the importance of curb appeal. In every flip or renovation, they discuss what they can do to improve the look of the property, be it landscaping, new color, or painting the front door. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives share the belief in curb appeal. A cared for and beautiful home makes it more welcoming and inviting to guests, not to mention giving homeowners a sense of pride in their property.

Architectural lighting improves the curb appeal of the property by accentuating all its standout features. When it comes to creating a design, an even “glow” is the goal. Dark spots are not only distracting but take away from the curb appeal when we want to enhance it!

Take this home as an example: before OLP visited the property, they had an outdoor lighting system from another company. When glancing at it, your eye goes to the areas of the home that are illuminated, the front porch, the top of the garage, etc. You barely notice the peaks of the second story. The light is completely uneven and it’s a shame; the house is beautiful. Unfortunately, at his point, the beauty could only be appreciated at night.

And here is the same home with a better architectural lighting design by OLP. The difference is remarkable. By adding a few strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures and adjusting those that were already there, the property shines. Now, passersby can see the details of the home. The peaks, the blue grey color, and wood and stone finishes are all now all properly illuminated.

Now you may be asking why there is such a big difference. We see this frequently when homeowners don’t hire professional outdoor lighting companies. Many other home professionals add lighting to their services, but they don’t specialize in it whereas lighting is all that we do at OLP.

If you’re looking to increase the curb appeal of your home, please contact us using the form below.

Unique Lighting Installations Enhance Properties

As the experts in exterior lighting solutions, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are often asked to design lightscapes for unique features on a property. Whether it’s a standout feature like a water fountain or statue or special needs like tall trees or entries without easy access to power, we will do our best to install an effective and stunning lighting solution.

Many Richmonders take great pride in their homes and yards, often enhancing it with all types of ways. Why go through the process of designing and installing something special if you can’t appreciate it both day and night? That’s where we come in. Here’s what we mean:

Entryways to properties can be welcoming features, but sometimes they don’t have easy access to power because they are farther from a home. While we don’t use solar fixtures often due to their quality, we have installed solar power sources in unique circumstances. Solar power boxes can be placed near all types of features for easy access to wires and features. It’s important that the quality of the solar panels is high enough to attract and hold enough power to illuminate an entry column or other feature all night long.

Some homes that we visit have intricate and detailed elements, like this arbor and planter. The iron of the arbor is elaborate with stunning lines and curves. The planter stands in the middle and houses flowing flowers for a beautiful focal point for the yard. Our lighting designer needed to design a system that illuminated the details without overwhelming it. Up lights were placed in the base of each of the columns to accentuate the iron, while a spot light highlights the flowering urn. Like all of our designs, the eye doesn’t go straight to the fixtures, but instead goes to the beauty of the space.

Lighting can be used in endless ways and we’re always looking for new and creative ways to add to an exterior space.

If you’re looking to enhance your property with light, please fill out the form below.

Outdoor Lighting Systems with Uncompromised Quality

For over 25 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been providing clients with the best custom outdoor and landscape lighting systems. Our goal is to provide uncompromised client service to each and every interaction. So what are the qualities that we judge ourselves on?

Personal Service

We want our clients to feel comfortable with our lighting designers, installers and everyone they work with at OLP. With every communication, we listen to our clients to get a clear idea of their needs whether it’s in the original design phase or a service call years after installation.

Meticulous Installation

Have you ever worked with a home services company to find your home looking worse than when they first visited the property? That’s unacceptable in our opinion. Our installers are trained to treat your property as if it’s our own and leave it neat and tidy. In some cases, it looks better once we leave!

Nighttime adjustment

Our outdoor lighting installations are completed during the day. We leave the property with a good idea of how the system will look based on our design and how the installation goes, but it’s hard to judge a lighting system during the day. To ensure everything is up to our (and your) standards, we’ll drive by your home at night. If there is anything that needs to be adjusted, we’ll do it on site or make a note to come back during the day to make sure everything is perfect.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives stays on top of the best technology in the lighting industry. When you work with us, you know that you are getting the highest quality fixtures on the market that will last for years. Our LED fixtures are corrosion-resistant making them last.

Proactive Maintenance

Like every home system, your lighting system needs to be serviced proactively. We offer maintenance plans to our clients that keep your lights looking perfect without you having to call us. Or, we’re here for any service needs from a light that’s out to a fixture that was bumped by the lawn mower.

If you are looking to enhance your property with lights, please fill out the form below.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Company

For over 20 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been leading the architectural and landscape lighting industry. Lighting is all that we do and that’s why we are the best. As we visit properties, time and time again we have come across lighting systems that quite frankly aren’t up to snuff. Why? Oftentimes it’s a result of the outdoor lighting company not providing a great design, high-quality fixtures, or the system hasn’t been in touch for years.

If you are considering accentuating your property with exterior lighting in the Greater Richmond area, here are some questions to ask the companies you are looking to work with?

What service makes up the majority of your work?

Over the last 5-10 years, we’ve noticed more companies getting into the landscape lighting business, but it’s not their bread and butter. They may be landscapers, deck companies, pool companies, and more. Why is that a concern? When lighting isn’t the main part of the business, we see companies not taking the time during the design or maintenance phases to create the perfect system for you and the specific details of your property. They also may not be up to speed on the latest in the industry.

What type of fixtures do you install?

Not all fixtures are created equal (which we discussed in this previous blog post). Ask what types of fixtures are being used on your property? Are they LED fixtures? Solar? Where do they get them. If they say they purchase the lights from the big box store, we suggest working with another provider as the highest quality copper and brass fixtures typically aren’t sold there.

Do you have a warranty?

Outdoor lighting is an investment in your property and you should have some assurances that the system will perform and look great for years. Make sure to ask any company you are considering what their warranty is on all parts of the system. That way you know what your options are if something isn’t working well in 6, 12, or more months.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we want your lights to look great for years and just like your air conditioning and other home systems, your lights need to proactive service. We offer all of our clients annual maintenance plans and are more than happy to come out and fix any issues that you may have with your lights.

These four questions will guide you towards hiring the right outdoor lighting company for you. If you have questions or would like to speak with us about your property, please fill out the form below.

Custom Design Makes Your Property the Priority

As the experts in outdoor lighting in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot and the Greater Richmond area, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives pride ourselves on providing our clients with beautiful lighting systems that accentuate their properties. Each homeowner has different needs, tastes and budget meaning that each lightscape should be unique. A custom lighting design ensures that when the projects is complete, you’re happy with the results. Here’s how we do it:

It starts with a complimentary lighting consultation. One of our trained lighting designers will visit your property, walk all around it and get a feel for the architecture, landscaping and outdoor living spaces. We’ll discuss with you what you’d like to see in the finished project. It’s important to us that the goal is clear so we can properly design a system for you. A homeowner looking to increase the safety of the property, for example, will be looking for something different than the homeowner who wants to extend the time they can spend on their new deck.

While discussing what you’d like to see in the design, our consultant will also make recommendations into what should be added. Illuminating walkways, steps and stairs is an example of something we may suggest adding to ensure your property is safe for friends and family.

After the consultation, our designer will map out the system keeping the conversation in mind. One of our mottos is a beautiful outdoor lighting system is about the effect, not the fixtures, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see a ton of lights on our initial plan. We don’t want the eye to go to the fixture itself so we use only the amount needed to achieve your goals.

Our design isn’t done with that map, nor is it done when the installation is complete. A few days after installation, you may see us drive by the property at night to make sure everything is as it should be. Nighttime adjustments – maybe a fixture needs to be moved ever so slightly, or a specific fixture needs more or less output – are the icing on the cake. By seeing everything illuminated, we can rest easy that the design is perfect and your needs are being met.

If you’re interested in having a landscape lighting designer visit your property, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

What Makes a Good Outdoor Lighting Fixture?

Having been in the exterior lighting industry for over twenty years, we know good lighting. We take great pride in creating stunning lightscapes for our clients that accentuate all the best characteristics of their property. While talking about outdoor lighting design, we say that a great design is about the effect, not the fixture, but it starts at the fixture. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we use only the highest-quality fixtures to keep our clients’ landscape and architectural lighting performing and looking its best.

So, what goes into making a fixture high quality? It starts with its performance. A good fixture is reliable and will continue to work at peak performance for years. That’s one reason that we don’t use solar lighting yet. Yes, solar lighting is the most energy-efficient light on the market. It isn’t, however, reliable. Its performance relies on its ability to take in the sun’s rays during the day and don’t seem to last for a long time. Because of its undependable performance, too many fixtures are typically used and still don’t provide enough illumination.

Instead of using solar lighting, OLP uses LED landscape lighting. LED is energy-efficient and reliable, performing like the day it was installed for years.

The material and construction of the fixtures are important with respect to its quality. Yes, big box stores and hardware stores do sell lighting options for the do-it-yourselfer, but are they going to last? Not always. OLP installed corrosion-proof outdoor lighting fixtures in solid copper and brass that are made to withstand harsh outdoor elements like heat, ice, torrential rain, and more.

High-quality fixtures will also have consistent light output and a long-life expectancy. When considering any outdoor lighting company, ask them about the warranties they offer on their fixtures, transformer, wire and any other components to the system. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer strong warranties to ensure your lighting investment holds for years.

Even with the highest-quality fixtures, service and maintenance is important to the performance of any outdoor and landscape lighting system. If you’re considering adding an outdoor lighting system to your property or need service on your existing system, please fill out the form below.

Stunning Outdoor Lighting Enhances Hospitality Properties

With amazing history and historical properties, the Greater Richmond area has some of the most charming properties. Whether it’s a new boutique hotel, restaurant or speakeasy, Richmond always has a new space for people to enjoy and explore. With such appeal, typical commercial-grade lighting won’t do these hospitality properties justice.

Normal commercial-grade lighting consists of line-voltage fixtures that blast light on the respective surfaces. While providing sufficient illumination, there are better options for the unique properties that are all over the Metro Richmond area.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs custom lighting solutions for all types of properties, both residential and commercial. In the vast majority of installations, we utilize low-voltage LED landscape lighting to light commercial and hospitality properties alike to enhance the charm of the space and cutting the cost of running lights.

When it comes to illuminating commercial buildings, there are certain areas that have to be lit to increase the safety of the property and make it more welcoming to potential patrons. It starts with the signage of the property. If guests can’t see the property, how are they supposed to enjoy the space? Depending on the type of sign, lighting can be done in several different ways, including up-lighting, spotlighting, or backlighting. Backlighting is just what it sounds like where the light is placed behind the sign for an alluring finish.

Traveling pathways are incredibly important to light on any commercial or hospitality property. Property owners do have some liability when spaces aren’t considered safe for guests and that starts with make sure that they are properly lit. Light guides guests and increases their safety as they are less likely to take a wrong step or trip over anything. Just a few high-quality path lights are typically enough to illuminate walkways.

Common areas are big draws for hotels and restaurants, and in a town like Richmond, many of those common areas are outside. We’ve illuminated these spaces in endless ways, but LED rope lighting and bistro string lights are two uncommon fixture installations that increase the charm and ambiance as well as light a space.

If you have any questions about lighting your commercial property, please contact us at 804-874-9985.

Hardscapes? Water Features? Illuminate them.

Since joining the outdoor living industry over 20 years ago, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives have seen how the term “outdoor living” has changed. What was once a few folding chairs on a concrete slab in the backyard has grown to true rooms outside. With custom living and dining rooms, not to mention kitchens, homeowners are taking pride in their backyard spaces.

As homeowners enhance their properties with custom structures, we encourage them to illuminate the standout features so they can be used and appreciated both day and night.

Whether they take the form of retaining walls or fire features, the variety in hardscape choices have increased ten-fold in the last 5 years or so. They become a standout feature in the outdoor living space, adding color, textures and definition to spaces. When the sun goes down, however, that charm disappears and the hard surfaces can actually become a safety hazard. We don’t want anyone to trip over a hard retaining wall, do we?

See how we address hardscape lighting in this quick video.

Beyond hardscapes, another feature we are noticing more and more of is water features. Some backyards include a large, custom water feature that complement the overall design of the space perfectly, while others include smaller, yet beautiful water features that can be plugged in and ready to go in minutes. In both cases, subtle lighting in the form of spot or uplighting will bring life and ambiance to space.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives treats each and every backyard lighting project as a new and custom design. What works well for one space, may not work for the next. When our designers visit your property, we’ll walk the space while discussing your needs and hopes for the space while taking in all the special features and considering how the space is used. From there, we’ll create a design with everything in mind.

If you’re interested in enhancing your backyard, please contact us using the form below.

Outdoor Event this Summer? Light it up!

With the Richmond area’s fabulous weather, it’s no wonder why people enjoy entertaining outdoors for large parts of the year. Right now we’re in the crux of event planning be it a wedding, graduation party, birthday party or just a casual barbecue with friends and family. As you hammer out the details of food, beverage and décor, you may want to put outdoor lighting on the list as well.

If you’ve visited our site before, you know the benefits of professionally designed outdoor and landscape lighting. Well, those benefits extend to festive and string lighting that work so well for events. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been providing clients with these options for years, but what are your options?

Temporary Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

For some outdoor events, using classic outdoor lighting techniques is perfect. You can accentuate the beauty of the property and event space, but also guide guests to different areas and increase the safety. For example, temporary path lights can be placed along the traveled pathways (be them paved or unpaved), guiding friends and family safely to where the party is taking place. You may also decide to place lights on trees, structures, etc. to highlight the space.

For temporary lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will come out to the property and place lights for you. They will simply need to be turned on for the event and then we’ll come and pick up the lights after the event is complete.

If you want to add event more ambiance, ask us about the color options to match your décor!

String Lights

String lights are not just for the holidays anymore. Becoming more and more popular as permanent outdoor lighting fixtures, string bistro lights add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to an outdoor space. Not only are they charming, but they do provide adequate illumination that will keep your guests outdoors long after the sun goes down.

String lights can be hung over an outdoor space or wrapped around railings.

Festive Tree Lighting

If you’re looking for something a little more fun or whimsical, festive tree lighting may be the right choice for your next event. Used primarily for holiday lighting, our laser operated lighting fixtures shoot colored lights at trees (or other surfaces) resulting in a glowing affect. They are easily placed and charged making it simple for homeowners to use for events or just the normal night in the backyard.

If you’re looking to enhance your next outdoor event, please contact us!

Homerama Returns to Richmond

The Greater Richmond area never lacks in special events. Every weekend there is some type of festival or event for friends and families to attend, but this weekend brings back one of our favorites: Homerama.

If you’ve never attended Homerama, it takes place each May in a newer neighborhood in the area. This year the street of homes is situated in Midlothan’s NewMarket Estates. The neighborhood is currently under development and will include a clubhouse with pool, tennis courts and walking paths.

So, what happens at Homerama? If you’re a fan of HGTV of the DIY network, this even is for you! Mark the dates on your calendar, it opens tomorrow, May 6t,h and runs through the 21st, open Thursday – Sunday each week. The even brings together 10 of the area’s best home builders (and several of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives partners). Custom homes are built and created for people to tour during the event’s run. Different interior designers work with the builders to create beautiful and unique spaces that are sure to provide endless inspiration for current and future homeowners.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is thrilled to be involved with Homerama again this year. We worked with the builders throughout their build process on 6 of the homes for their lighting. If you attend this year’s event, you’ll see the beautiful details these homes have; it would be a shame if they couldn’t be appreciated both day and night. Our professional outdoor and landscape lighting designers created systems to accentuate all of the stone, peaks, arches, texture, color, etc.

Homerama is a fun event for all. In addition to the home tour, attendees can expect food, drinks, live music and more. Check out their Special Events Page on their website to find the right day for you. Not to mention, the event supports ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.

With doors opening tomorrow and lasting for several weeks, we hope you can take some time and explore the homes of NewMarket Estates and Richmond’s Homerama.

Is it time to Upgrade Your Outdoor and Landscape Lighting?

For over 20 years Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been providing our clients with the best lighting on the market. We’ve written a lot about how lighting technology has changed, from line-voltage and incandescent to halogen, solar and LED technology. Lighting has come a long way.

For homeowners who have had outdoor and landscape lighting for years, it may be time to upgrade your lighting to the newer LED options. Being more environmentally friendly is just one of the benefits of retrofitting (complete replacements are not usually necessary depending on the state of the fixtures) of LED. Here are just a few other benefits:

  • High-efficiency – switching lights can save up to 80% in the energy cost to run outdoor lighting
  • Longer bulb life – sick of replacing fading bulbs? LED bulbs’ light output is better and lasts longer, sometimes years without replacement.
  • Warm, pleasing color – gone are the days of bluish white color. LEDs emit a warm glow similar to the halogen lights homeowners are used to.
  • No toxic materials – As people are looking for safer products across the board, LEDs don’t have any mercury or toxic materials that increase your carbon footprint.

The process of retrofitting your lights depends on the state of your existing fixtures, but many systems can stay in place with a simple switch of the bulb technology. If the fixtures aren’t in good shape, we may suggest switching out some lights all together.

What about solar?

Yes, there is a greener option than LED: solar outdoor lighting. We’re often asked why we don’t use solar lighting in our installations. Quite simply: the technology isn’t quite there yet. Yes, there are fixtures on the market that will work well for a few weeks or months, but will it look like the day it was installed a year later? Probably not. Can they illuminate a second story building evenly? Probably not.

Our team of lighting professionals stay on top of the best fixtures on the market, and we hope that solar will be an option in the future, but until then we won’t recommend them to our clients. We simply want our clients to be happy with their system for months and years.

Deck and Patio Lights Extend Your Time Outdoors

With a wonderful spring break with the kids behind us, we’re already dreaming of summertime. Pools, barbecues, nice weather, summer in Richmond is a wonderful time of year. And it’s even better when the temperatures are good and you can spend most of that time outside. If you want to spend even more time outdoors, you may want to consider illuminating your outdoor living spaces with deck and patio lights.

Oftentimes we discuss the different lighting can make on the front of the home. A professionally designed system will increase the curb appeal of your property and make the home more welcoming. Did you know it has the same impact in the backyard? It’s true. And the design is just as important in the back of the property as it is in the front of the home. But what are we looking for?

Living Areas. While increasing the beauty of the space is a big goal for all of our backyard lighting systems, it’s important that when we leave the property you can spend more time outdoors than you could before we are there. For that, we have to illuminate the outdoor living and entertaining areas, like decks, porches, patios, that you all love and enjoy. With a combination of down and spotlighting, we light the area in an even wash of illumination without it being too overwhelming. If your eye goes directly to the fixture, we’ve made a mistake.

Traveled Pathways. Be them paved or not, our trained lighting designers will pay attention to the traveled paths that run throughout the property. Using path lights or romantic moonlighting (which mimics the effect of the moon), we light these paths to guide people throughout the property safely and make it inviting.

Steps and Stairs. Increased safety should always be a goal of any outdoor lighting system and if steps remain in the dark, the boat’s been missed. Even if there are only a few steps in an outdoor living space, they should be illuminated.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors this summer, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.

LED Architectural Lighting Breathes New Life into Richmond Home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality landscape lighting fixtures with the best technology. Right now, LED is the way to go, but it hasn’t always been that way. Years ago, the vast majority of our new installs were halogen lamps. Halogen is still a good option for outdoor lighting, but it does require regular maintenance to keep it looking as intended. When annual maintenance isn’t performed, you’ll see the difference over time.

We recently retrofitted an older OLP system in Richmond from halogen to LED and the difference is incredible! See for yourself.

This architectural lighting system was installed approximately 7 or 8 years ago. Since then, there has only been minimal maintenance and it showed. When first installed, the façade was washed in an even illumination, but over time, the halogen light output has faded, especially as it travels vertically. As you can see, the base of the home is covered in what we call “hot spots” where the light is very bright. The second story, however, is in shadows or visibly darker than the first floor.

The good news for the system is that the design and the fixtures were still good. In most cases, OLP halogen lights can be retrofitted to LED easily, allowing you to save on the cost of fixture, wire, etc.

Updating systems from halogen to LED is beneficial to homeowners. Not only is the energy cost of running the system significantly less, but homeowners will also save on service. Bulbs don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as halogen lights (regularly maintenance is still suggested). The color is warm and pleasing and includes no toxic materials.

After a day of retrofitting, you can see the difference LED landscape lighting makes. You can see how the entire façade is accentuated with light, even the high peaks. Now, passersby can appreciated the color, texture and architecture of the home making the entire property more welcoming.

If you’re interested in enhancing your property with light, or updating your existing system (OLP or non-OLP), please call us at 804.874.9985.

String Lighting for your Summer Parties

We’re blessed here in Richmond with generally beautiful weather. Outdoor living spaces truly become an extension of the home and a place to entertain family and friends 3 seasons out of the year. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives allows our clients to get the most out of their spaces with custom designed patio and deck lights, but sometimes, you want a little something extra.

String lights have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They’ve been synonymous with Christmas lighting for as long as we can remember, but now they can be used for so much more with the advancements of technology.

The lights homeowners hang around the holidays are made for outdoor use, but they aren’t made to withstand the elements all year round. OLP’s outdoor string lights are however and they can make any outdoor living space a little more charming. If you held them in your hand, you’d know they are different than holiday lighting. They have heavy cords and large bulbs designed to be permanent fixtures in an outdoor space. Not just for looks, the bulbs provide enough light output to properly illuminate the spaces below.

Take this backyard patio for example; it’s a great living area. With ample space to entertain it’s the perfect area to host outdoor barbecues or parties. The homeowners, however, wanted to increase the aesthetics and appeal. The traditional backyard lighting design wouldn’t do. Our trained designers suggested adding outdoor string lights. With the installation, the space has gone from a nice patio to an attractive bistro-style backyard.

This design isn’t made just for residential applications, it’s great for hospitality and commercial properties as well. Imagine visiting a hotel with elegant string lights hanging over walkways, outdoor common areas, etc. How nice would that be? This commercial space used string lights as a way to connect buildings and make the space a little more inviting to patrons.

Gone are the days when outdoor string lights were made solely for holiday applications. If you’re looking to enhance your space with this unique application, please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond.

Proper Outdoor Lighting Design? How Can You Tell?

We admit it, we’re lighting snobs. It comes with the territory of being the experts in outdoor and landscape lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful lighting systems that highlight and accentuate our clients’ homes and landscapes. We’ve noticed that not all providers take the same pride in the design as we do, but how can you tell if your exterior lighting is up to snuff? Here are some things to look for.

Dark Spots. When creating a system, our trained lighting designers wash the façade and landscape in warm light, illuminating all aspects of the property. As we step back and look at the design, we keep an eye out for dark spots that need to be addressed. Dark spots make the design look cut off or odd. Take this home for example, nearly the entire second story of the home is in the dark. We were hired to re-do the design and accentuate the entire property, enhancing the curb appeal and safety of the property as a whole.

Too many fixtures. We’ve all seen it, walkways or pathways that resemble airport runways with the amount of lights bordering each. This is oftentimes a result of low-quality lighting fixtures being used in the system. When a light doesn’t provide enough output, more fixtures are needed to properly light the surface or space. But, when high-quality fixtures are used, like they are with all Outdoor Lighting Perspectives systems, only a few lights will be used. It’s about the effect, not the fixtures. If your eyes are going straight to the fixtures, the design is off.

Hot spots. It’s normal for the amount of illumination to fade a little bit from the base of the light to the top, but not much. Hot spots occur when you notice spots of bright (or hot) light. They take away that even look of illumination.

If you’re noticing any of these on your property, or, you want a system that looks beautiful from the outset, please contact us at 804-874-9985.

Highlighting Your Hardscapes

The outdoor living industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. No longer is the backyard a place just for the dog and grill, it’s now a place to enjoy with friends and family. As a result, more homeowners are investing in enhancing their backyards with custom decks, porches and hardscapes.

As we meet with clients to illuminate their backyards, we’ve seen how the hardscape category is growing in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area. If you have patios, walkways, steps, and/or retaining walls on your property, we encourage you to consider adding outdoor lighting. Not only will light increase the safety of the space, but also highlight its unique textures, colors, and general beauty.

As a low-to-grade outdoor living space option, patios are versatile and can be designed and built to complement existing homes and outdoor living structures. With endless choices when it comes to colors, materials, and finishes, they become an additional room to use when the weather is nice. Professional patio lighting extends the amount of time that you can spend outside in those spaces safely. A strong design, like the one seen here, will bring out the details of the space, but won’t overwhelm it with light. It’s a warm glow that enhances the space.

Brick and stone are common options when it comes to walkways throughout residential and commercial properties. It’s not uncommon, however, for them to become obstructed from time to time. Whether it’s a child’s toy or yard debris, these obstructions can cause safety concerns. Just a few path lights along a walkway provides the necessary illumination for sure-footing. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses the highest quality LED path lights on all traveling walkways.

Whether they are leading down a deck, patio or front stoop, steps and stairs are necessary on many properties, but too often they can cause a safety concern. When they aren’t lit properly, the elevation changes can’t be seen properly and the chances of a misstep can increase. Steps are one of the first features our trained designers look for while walking a property because it’s so important with respect to increasing the safety of a property. Stair lighting can take many forms including path lights, down lights, or spot lighting, all of which provide a beautiful finish.

Lastly, one of the elements that we are seeing more of are retaining walls or other hardscape focal feature in a backyard. Some of these elements can be elaborate and stunning, others are simply chic, but all of them should be accentuated with light. See the difference here:

If you’re looking to enhance your hardscapes and backyards, please contact us at 804-874-9985.

Why You Should Trust the Outdoor Lighting Experts

As the leaders in outdoor lighting in Midlothian and the Greater Richmond area, it’s important to us to stay on top of the latest technologies in the industry and provide the best lighting design, fixtures, installation, and maintenance. Unfortunately, we come across many lighting systems that just aren’t treated with the same respect.

This home is an example of poor design and installation. This home was built about two years ago and when the client wanted to add lighting to the building process, the home builder asked the landscape company they worked with to add it into the project. There were two major issues that we pointed out to the homeowner when they had us come visit the property after realizing it just wasn’t right: the design and the fixtures.

A good outdoor and landscape lighting system is about the result, leaving the property looking its best at night. This home is lovely during the day, with charm and unique details. But as you can see, much of it is lost at night. Only a small portion of the top floor is illuminated making the home look cut off and odd.

The other issue we found was the quality of the fixtures themselves. The homeowners paid a good amount of money for lights you can find at your local home improvement or irrigation supply stores. While those stores have some good options for the DIY approach, they aren’t always best if you’re looking for a system to last you for years.

After the homeowners noticed some of our work in his neighborhood, he reached out and had us visit the property to light it the right way. We’re happy to say that the new system makes the home look amazing and we’ll share updated pictures soon!

When considering adding lighting to your property, we encourage you to reach out to professional outdoor lighting companies, not service providers that add lighting as a side project. Typically the quality of the light and design aren’t up to speed and because they aren’t dedicated to the lighting business, they may not be the most responsive to your ongoing service and maintenance needs. This home’s lighting doesn’t look great because the system hadn’t been maintained properly.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond services all systems, even those that we didn’t install initially. In those cases, we’ll come to the property and evaluate the system that you have, including its fixtures and its design and make recommendations to you. In some cases, we can service and work with what is existing on the property, in other cases we may suggest new fixtures.

If you have questions, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Showcasing Others’ Work with Light

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we consider ourselves experts in the field of creating beautiful outdoor and landscape lighting systems. Lighting is all that we do, that’s why our clients choose us; they know that we’ll be here for all their needs from design, to installation and maintenance. As experts in our field, we respect those that specialize in theirs, and we’re lucky enough to enhance some of their work with ours, a win/win!

OLP of Richmond takes pride in the relationships we have with companies of all kinds, be them builders, landscapers, deck contractors, etc. Our goal is to make their work look at good as possible with the addition of strategically placed light. Here are some examples of the work that we’ve done.

Architectural lighting’s purpose is to enhance the curb appeal of a property. We work with local builders as they design and build their homes. They are sure to look wonderful during the day, but without light, the stunning designs are lost at night. We recently worked with Perkinson Homes to illumination this stunning property in Midlothian. With a unique white façade and black trim, and stately entrance with columns we knew we had to accentuate it, but in a subtle way. Our outdoor lighting design washes the front of the home with a warm illumination, but nothing overpowering. A bright light on the white of the house would be too stark, but not with this warm white LED.

This backyard is one straight out of Alice in Wonderland with its curved stone pathways and bordering hedges. Not to mention the pergola and planter/urn in the center of it all. We understand that a space like this takes a lot of work for a landscaper to create and maintain. If you look at the image, your eye doesn’t go to any one fixture although they are there to light the traveled walkways, the landscaping, the pergola and urn. Instead, you look at the beauty of the space in general. That’s the key to a good lighting design, one that is about the effect, not the fixture.

A new custom outdoor living space is and investment for any homeowner. It’s an investment in both your property, but also your lifestyle. When a deck or patio builder creates a good space for you, you’ll truly appreciate it and want to spend as much time outside as possible. Lighting helps with that. This large outdoor living space has many layers, levels, and structures. It’s gorgeous! Our lights guide visitors through the property safely while also allowing them to take in the details of the patio, steps, deck, pool, landscaping and more.

If you’re interested in working OLP on your lighting OR partnering with us, please contact our office at 804.874.9985.

Dock Lighting Midlothian

With a February like the one we’ve been having this year, it’s not surprising that homeowners are thinking and planning for spring. How could you not with a 80 degree day in mid-February? The Richmond and Midlothian area is full of areas to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes pride is helping property owners extend the time they can spend outside.

Just recently, our design and install team finished this job in Midlothian that took our breath away. This dock on a lake is a great place to sit back and relax, but it was also dangerous at night. The edge of the space couldn’t be seen easily and there is a steep drop into the lake beyond it. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives visited the property to add a few dock lights to increase the safety of the space at night.

Dock lighting can be handled in a number of different ways. At OLP, we balance between effectiveness and beauty while deciding which fixtures and how many we need on a certain job. It’s important to us that the light properly illuminates the project without overwhelming it with light. With a view like this property, we don’t want the light to the be star. For this project, we installed just a few down deck lights on the dock railing.

On some dock lighting projects, we see that not only is the light important to those on land, but also to those out on the water. It has to guide boaters back into the property. This job does just that. For those on the land going out to water, dock lights were added to the railings to guide people down the dock safely. But there are also lights out on the docking area, underneath the dock, illuminating the edge of the space and water below it. Boaters won’t have any issue finding this property from the lake!

If you’re looking to enhance you’re outdoor living space for spring and summer, please contact us at 804.875.9985.

Make Your Commercial Property a Little More Welcoming

As many of our clients know, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives prides itself on accentuating the beauty of residential properties, but did you know that we work on commercial properties, too?

Outdoor lighting for commercial and hospitality properties is quite honestly more important than residential properties. Why? Because it can impact the bottom line. Without lighting a building, be it a restaurant, hotel, or other business, cannot be seen at night which happens early half the year. A wonderfully designed architectural and landscape lighting system, however, not only will get your property noticed, but make it more welcoming to patrons.

This coffee shop lives within in an architecturally interesting building. Not only does it have fluctuating heights, but unique signage on the side of the building. Unfortunately, it was totally lost at night before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. OLP designers visited the property and came up with a design that highlights the signage and the unique style of the building. Up lighting was installed at the base of the two lighter portions of the building, washing the façade in a warm glow of illumination. The dark letters and logo now pop off the side of the building. The middle portion of the coffee shop wasn’t lit because the façade itself is dark and with large windows that bring out a lot of light, it wasn’t necessary.

Our team is comfortable with both large and small commercial properties. This large property was also lit by the OLP team. Architectural lighting illuminates the entire façade and watch tower, making the building more welcoming to patrons and employees coming and going after dark.

One question we hear from property owners is the cost of installing commercial outdoor lighting. Does it make the energy bill skyrocket? The answer is no. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives utilizes the same low voltage and LED lighting fixtures and technology that we use on residential properties. Their energy-efficiency provides gorgeous light without adding too much to your energy bill.

If you are interested in enhancing your property with light, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lighting System to LED

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been the expert in low voltage outdoor and landscape lighting for over 20 years. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to providing clients with the highest quality lighting designs and fixtures. The technology continues to evolve for the better and sometimes that means upgrades for our clients.

While many clients have now heard about LED lighting technology, that wasn’t always the case and quite frankly, it wasn’t ready for widespread use right away. When “LED landscape lights”http://richmond.outdoorlights.com/led-landscape-lighting-richmond/ first hit the market, they were too cold, illuminating a bluish white light. It was energy-efficient, but the affect was all wrong and as a result, OLP used primarily halogen lights.

Halogen lighting fixtures are still widely used in the industry. While not as energy-efficient as LED, halogen is still an low voltage lighting source. It looks great and the initial investment is less expensive than LED.

Halogen lights do require more service and maintenance and that’s why more homeowners are looking to enhance their system to LED. Five years ago, if a homeowner with an existing system wanted to upgrade to LED, they had to invest in all new fixtures. Now, it’s much easier. Depending on the fixtures you have on the property, they can be converted to LED easily. Many of our halogen lighting clients are now upgrading to LED with their latest service and maintenance calls.

So why would a homeowner want LED lights? In short, LED is the best outdoor and landscape lighting technology on the market. Switching to LED can save up to 80% energy savings from your outdoor lighting system, while the longer bulb life and pleasing color creates a beautiful affect that lasts (bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours).

If you are considering switching your system to LED lighting, please contact a professional outdoor lighting company and discuss the options. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond will visit your property and see the quality of your current system and make a recommendation. In many cases, we can work with what’s there, in other instances we may recommend replacing certain fixtures. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Enhanced Safety to your Property with Path Lights

Richmond winters can be unpredictable. One day it’s 30 degrees out, the next day it’s in the 60s. One thing that remains constant, however, is the nighttime. The sun still sets before 6pm. With early darkness comes decreased visibility. With decreased visibility comes increased opportunity for slipping and falling, unless of course, your property has path lights.

One of the goals of professional outdoor lighting is to increase the safety of a property. Illuminating travels pathways is imperative to achieving that goal, but not all path lights are created equal.

We’ve all seen solar lights on a property where there seems to be a fixture every couple feet making the walkways look like an airport runway. Why does that happen? The quality of solar landscape lighting in most instances isn’t high enough to provide effective illumination. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we use only the highest quality, low voltage lighting, including LED, cutting down on the number of fixtures that you’ll need. Designers strategically place each fixture with optimal light spread creating a design that is about the light, not the fixture.

Path lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fixtures, all with the same main goal: illuminate the surrounding area. The most popular design is our copper or brass path light. Classic in design, it’s effective, efficient and gets the job done. With different heights and beam spread, we find that a few fixtures are enough to provide the desired effect.

If you’re looking for something that makes more of a statement, fixtures like those seen here light the surrounding areas, but create beautiful and interesting shapes on the space as well. From grids to flowers, the options are endless.

Other path lighting options include string lights (you’ll need to speak to your designer about how you can hang the lights to make them effective in addition to charming), spot lighting, and moonlighting where fixtures are placed high in trees shooting light downward. Moonlighting mimics the light of the moon (hence the name) by creating shadows below.

If you think your property is in need of additional safety lighting, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Put Your Home on your Resolutions List

Happy 2017! We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are thrilled to start another year working with our wonderful clients in the Greater Richmond area. At the beginning of each year, millions of people make resolutions on how to better their lives over the next year. Whether you’re already making health, financial, or relationship goals, we urge you to include your home and property in your resolutions.

One of the most popular resolutions every year is to eat healthy and lose weight. After enjoying Christmas cookies and other holiday foods and libations, it’s not surprising that makes the list. While people are enhancing their physical appearance, why not add their home to the list? Maybe you want to de-clutter your home, re-do a room or two, OR add more curb appeal to your property.

Adding curb appeal to your home can be as complicated or simple as you want it to. Pruning plants, keeping your lawn short, and painting your front door are all ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, but don’t forget the curb appeal at night. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives specializes in making your home look its best at night. Our trained outdoor lighting designers walk a property and make note of the all the best aspects of the property be it architectural lines, color, texture, landscaping, or a mixture of all of them. We then strategically place high-quality LED landscape lights on the property to accentuate all of those details.

Working out and eating right are lifestyle changes made to increase your quality of life. Another one to consider is to spend more time outdoors. The Richmond area is blessed with wonderful weather; take advantage of it! Backyard lights can help!

Deck and patio lighting extends the amount of time you can spend time outdoors safely with friends and family, giving you more fresh air each night. OLP’s backyard lighting fixtures wash outdoor living spaces in a warm washes of light increasing the safety and security of the decks, patios, porches and more.

If you’re adding bettering your home to your 2017 New Years Resolutions, please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We can surely to help!

LED – Too Bright for Architectural Outdoor Lighting?

As the outdoor lighting experts in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area, part of our job at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is to stay on top of the newest and best outdoor lighting technologies. We pride ourselves on providing only the high-quality fixtures that will make your home and property looking great for years to come. Right now, the best technology is simple: LED.

LED can be met with a lot of questions with respect to its aesthetic quality. Many people think of LED and equate it to the bright light of LED landscape lighting 5 years ago when the color output wasn’t up to our standards. The light was a very cool white that was almost blue looking. Lucky for us and our clients, that’s no longer the case. LED has a warm color now that makes it perfect for architectural outdoor lighting. Look how beautiful this property looks with LED!

Now that LED’s color isn’t bluish, it truly stands apart as the best option for residential outdoor lighting. For nearly 20 years OLP has been providing homeowners with low voltage lighting options, cutting down on the cost of running landscape lighting. LED saves up to 80% in electricity for your lighting system needs, resulting in just a few dollars each month.

Ongoing maintenance and service is diminished by using LED. We still recommend having us out to your property at least once a year to make sure not only the lights, their bulbs, and fixtures are working properly, but also to make sure all the wire is still buried, the fixtures are straight and don’t need to be moved. That being said, you won’t be calling us out very often due to a light that’s out. Why you ask? Because the bulb life is far superior to the technologies that came before it. Bulbs can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours!

If you have any other questions on why LED may be the right option for your home, please watch these short FAQ videos and contact us when you’re ready to install stunning outdoor and landscape lighting on your property.

Easy Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas

The city of Richmond embraces the holiday season like no other. You can’t go down a street without seeing beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. While some displays are extravagant, they don’t have to be. You can add festive cheer to your property easily! Here are some simple ideas.

We love the look of small lighted Christmas trees that you see at home décor stores, but they can be created in a matter of minutes. All you’ll need is a tomato cage and a string or two of outdoor string lights. It’s important to check the packaging to make sure the lights are made for outdoor use to minimize any risk of failure. All you need to do once you have the materials is wrap the cage in lights; it takes less than five minutes to complete. Take it outside and plug it in and you have a lighted Christmas tree. Want to make it even more festive? Purchase multiple cages and buy lights of varying colors.

Get more use out of your hanging planters and use them throughout the holiday season. Instead of plants that may not be great for winter, fill the planter with greenery (holly is perfect for this), extra ornaments (plastic is best) or fake poinsettias. Wrap the base in outdoor string lights to make it shine in the dark. The decorations inside will look festive during the day, too!

If your style is more classic in nature, you can keep your decorations indoor and still make an impact from the outside. Buy indoor “candles” (with lightbulbs instead of flames) and place them in every front window. This is a design that’s been used for years, but with good reason, it’s pretty! Add a little more detail by adding a wreath or snowflake in the window that will be seen clearly when the candle is on.

For those with a little more crafting experience, created lighted snowflakes. You’ll need some wooden slats, wood glue, white spray paint and outdoor string lights. Create a snowflake (or a star) with the wood slats and glue. When dry, spray paint it white, then wrap in lights.

From all of us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we wish you a safe, happy and bright holiday season.

A Shining Light in the Winter’s Night

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond truly cannot believe that it already December and the holiday season! 2016 flew by, in large part to our wonderful clients and partners. So before we go on, a sincere thank you to all those that have supported us this past year!

If you’ve lived in Metro Richmond for any length of time, you know how wonderful this area is during the holidays. With Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardenfest of Lights and the Tacky Light Tour, the area embraces the holiday season, especially with light! If you have time, take a drive around and see how beautiful some of the lightscapes can be!

While we love seeing all the bright white and colored lights of Christmas, it always makes us sad when they go away. Winter nights can be long and light makes a big difference. If you’re looking to add a little light to the winter season (and beyond), professional architectural outdoor lighting may be perfect for you.

OLP has been designing, installing, and maintaining custom outdoor lighting systems for years. The high-quality fixtures and the quality of our designs set us apart from other landscape lighting companies you may have met. Lighting is all we do, we’re the experts!

So what makes our designs different? Lighting shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all as each home, property and client is different. Our designers are trained to discuss the clients’ needs and wants before placing one light. A clear understanding of the goal makes sure we achieve them! After we learn what we’re looking to do, we walk the property and define the right ways to accentuate all the most important aspects of the property.

By taking our time with the client and the property, we are able to illuminate the space with a warm wash of light, making sure we light the most important areas for the homeowner while enhancing the curb appeal, safety and security of the property. With that, the owners come home to a beautifully lit home even in the dark nights of winter.

If you’re interested in lighting your property, give us a call at 804.874.9985!

Last Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

With just a few days left until Thanksgiving, the stores are packed, as are the ovens. If you’re hosting this year and you need a few last minute ideas for your table’s centerpiece, you’ve come to the right place! We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond love playing with fall themed objects and colors as well as light!

Here are simple ideas you can put together easily.

If the simplest option is the best for you, no worries. Most grocery stores, big and small, have pre-created floral bouquets. Grab a few of those and some green or orange candle sticks and put them on your table. Light the candles just before dinner and it will be festive and beautiful.

Candle options really are endless for centerpiece ideas, not to mention the flame makes it a little more “fancy.” Look for ways to marry candles with objects of the season like, corn kernels, pumpkins and more. If you have large candle vases, fill them first with corn kernels or acorns. Then add a wide candle inside each vase.

Carving pumpkins isn’t just for Halloween. Use smaller pumpkins (may be you are using the filling for pie?) and carve simple and fun designs. You can do this with a knife, screwdriver or even a drill. Place the pumpkins on a small bed of fake leaves from the local craft store. They’ll look festive and bring some fall color to your table before dinner and when you light them, they will be even more special.

Lastly, you know how we feel about Christmas string lights. They are easy and fun to incorporate in a number of ways for the holidays and everyday life. Bring them out a few days early and they can be used for Thanksgiving! While at the grocery store, buy a few extra Thanksgiving themed fruits and vegetables: gourds, squash, apples, nuts, etc. Use some fake leaves from the craft store and create a fun tablescape. Add strings lights around the base and you have an easy and bright centerpiece (battery operated string lights would be the best option for this design).

From all of us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Driving Home in the Dark? Come Home to Light!

Despite it happening every year, when the time changes in November, it always comes as a shock. Darkness continues to come earlier and earlier in the weeks leading up to the end of daylight savings and then in one night, it’s dark at 5pm. Many people leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark as well. At the end of the day, come home to bright light as well as enhanced safety and security by adding professional outdoor and landscape lighting.

If you’ve visited our site in the past, you know the difference architectural and landscape lighting can make. Our trained designers target ways to not only increase the curb appeal of the property by washing the façade in warm light and highlighting the property’s most interesting details; they also look for ways to add safety and security. Adding a few path lights along a walkway or sidewalk or illuminating steps on the property instantly increases sure-footing. We also look for areas of the property that tend to be dark at night, for example, a side porch that you enter through. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see where you were you putting your keys?

While you could leave your lights on day and night, you don’t have to. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installs energy-efficient and smart lighting solutions for homeowners and commercial properties alike. With simple timer settings, you can have your lights come on at dusk to that you know you’ll come home to light. You can also have them on in the morning, too! Smart timer solutions and the highest-quality LED technology will keep your home bright but won’t make a big impact on your energy bill.

The Greater Richmond area is just now starting its winter season (even with our fabulous weather). If you want to add a little light to this time of year, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Is your home ready for the holidays?

We can’t believe it, but the holidays are just about here. Soon the Christmas music will be playing and the Richmond area will be bright with lights. It’s a wonderful time of year spent with loved ones. If you host friends and family during the holidays and want to make your home just a little more welcoming, light can make a big difference. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

Once daylight savings ends, many people will be going home in the dark. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can increase the safety and security of your property while also enhancing its curb appeal for visitors. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we can illuminate walkways, steps and entrances for safety and security and add stunning façade and landscape lighting for curb appeal. See the difference it can make…

Beyond traditional, permanent outdoor lighting, the holidays are a time to have some fun with light! Simple lighting (and we mean simple) can be fun and beautiful, making your home stand out during the season.

Hanging outdoor Christmas lights can be a big project if you make it one, but choose a few areas of your landscape or front façade that you want to highlight, and it can be easy! For instance, if you have topiaries or small bushes that sit on your front porch, wrap those in lights instead of the 20-foot tree you have in your front yard.

As the big box stores and home décor shops bring out their holiday décor items, look for items that can be used indoor and outdoor. For example, you’ll see lighted snowflakes in a lot of stores. Hang them in your front windows and you have an indoor and outdoor decoration that’s gorgeous.

While white lights tend to be a favorite of the greater Richmond area, don’t be afraid to place with color! From candy cane lights to colored string lights, if you like it, go for it!

If you want something really fun that makes a big impact, but don’t want to spend too much time, we love our Starry Lights outdoor Christmas light application. Available in 3 different colors, one small laser fixture can wash a tree or any other surface in thousands of small lights. It gives the illusion that you spent hours installing string lights when you did not! Contact us now if you’re interested in taking the quick route to beautiful lighting!

Architectural Lighting Accentuates Details

Our team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is lucky to work with many fellow local business owners in the area. Over the years we’ve collaborated with all types of local companies, including home builders. With the metro-Richmond area continuously growing, local builders are creating absolutely stunning homes. We’re thrilled to accentuate their gorgeous designs and details with custom architectural outdoor lighting.

Recently we had the opportunity to illuminate three very different, but all very beautiful, homes in Midlothian.

This blue home stands out during the day with its crisp white trim and stacked stone finishes, but unfortunately it was lost at night before our team of designers visited. While all architectural lighting aims to wash the surface in light, it’s not as easy as it looks because you don’t want to leave any areas in the dark or draw too much attention to the fixtures themselves. With this house, we wanted to draw the eye to some of its unique features like the curved trim and inviting front porch. Small spotlights were installed in areas unseen that ensure nothing fades into the darkness again.

Brick is a Richmond area staple and with not only its durability, but it’s varying colors and textures, we love it. When designing an LED lighting system for this home, we wanted to ensure that the brick could really be appreciate as it isn’t a flat brick red that you see on many properties. The color variances and texture give the home character. Additionally, this home has a lot of height. Height can be an issue if an outdoor lighting company isn’t using high-quality fixtures because you’ll notice a clear difference between the light towards the ground and the highest point. In this case, our designers made sure that the light was even throughout.

Last, but certainly not least, this property has some knockout features, especially the stonework and columns. The façade has stones of different shapes and sizes bringing a unique finish to the home. We wanted to illuminate that throughout, including installing small spotlight above the porch to light the second story. For the columns, up lights were installed at the base of each one so none of them were left in the dark and to keep uniformity throughout.

If you want to enhancing your property with custom lighting, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Hospitality Lighting to Warm Up your Property

When it comes to travel planning, a lot of time can be spent finding the right hotel for any trip. Families want to stay in a place that’s comfortable, warm and inviting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works with hotels, restaurants and other hospitality properties to make them a little more welcoming with light.

Whether it’s a patio, dining space, or other outdoor common area, light can make a big impact on the space as a whole. OLP uses the same outdoor lighting design techniques to create lightscapes that are not only effective but beautiful. Here are just a few examples of hospitality lighting systems we’ve designed and installed.

This outdoor patio has some unique features that make the property special. Over the space, large boat sails hang to provide shade and visual interest. At the very end of the space sits a wall of ivy with a water feature; it’s stunning. Our designers wanted to highlight these unique features. LED rope lighting border the sails and in the drain to bring visual interest to the space, while spot lights wash the water feature in perfect light. Now guests can enjoy the space day and night and appreciate the space the hotel created.

This hotel has a large amount of outdoor space! From exterior hallways to pathways, this property needed lighting for safety and security but didn’t want to use harsh lighting that come commercial applications create. Our traditional path, deck and step lighting were first tackled to provide sure footing throughout the property. After that, our designers were able to define the areas that needed a bit more illumination. Gathering spaces were illuminated with a mixture of path and string lighting to create the perfect ambiance for this specific hotel. Just like residential properties, no hotel is exactly the same and its lighting system shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach.

Lastly, I love this historic restaurant with outdoor dining space. The building and dining area needed light to create the warm and inviting ambiance the owners were looking for. Architectural lighting accentuates the beauty of the home while path and spot lights allow diners to see what they’re eating!

When it comes to hospitality lighting, it can be just as beautiful as any residential property, but just as effective. If you’re looking for lighting your commercial property, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Increasing safety of your property with Outdoor Lighting

Another beautiful Richmond summer has ended, but as always, the great weather continues. On nice nights, families continue to spend time outdoors on their decks, porches and patios or in their yards. Now that the nighttime darkness is sneaking in a little earlier, you may find that you can’t see everything quite as clearly. Custom outdoor lighting systems will not only increase the curb appeal of your property, but also the safety by properly illuminating key areas that can cause concern for slipping and falling.

As clients contact us with respect to lighting their properties, our trained designed pay attention to the areas we know that must be lit: pathways, steps, and entrances.

Pathways guide owners, their families and friends as they travel throughout a property. They can be both paved (with brick, concrete or other product) or they can exist in a more natural form. It is not uncommon, however, for something to fall or be left on them, be it wet leaves, sticks or children’s toys. If the surface isn’t illuminated, someone could trip, but not with outdoor lighting! In most cases, just a few path lights can effectively illuminate a pathway when the sun goes down.

If pathways need to be lit, it’s probably not a surprise that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recommends that all steps and stairs on a property are addressed by any lighting designer. It’s one of the first structures we look for! The number of lights will depend on how many steps you have, but they can be addressed in several ways. If there are only one or two steps, it may be best to use a path light that can transition a path to the steps, but if there are several steps, you may look at step lights or deck lights. Step lights are illuminated in the step risers while deck lights are installed to the railing post and shoot light downward onto the treads.

One of the best areas to illuminate from a curb appeal perspective is also important with respect to safety: the entrance of a home. Lighting the entryway instantly makes the home look more welcoming, but also provides a transition from the bright interior of the home to the darkness outside. Whether it’s a porch with columns or a simple stoop, OLP’s designers will ensure that the doorway to your home doesn’t fade into the night.

If you’re looking to add lighting to your property, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Fall Maintenance and Service for your Outdoor Lighting

The kids are back in school, football season has kicked off and it’s getting cooler in metro Richmond. That means early darkness is just around the corner. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we tout the importance of proactive maintenance and service on all professional landscape lighting systems. While we encourage clients to make note of and contact us regarding any issues with their lighting systems all year round, fall is a good time to go outside and really take a look. Just a few minutes now will ensure you aren’t going home to a dark house during the winter months.

The easiest aspect of lighting to notice is if there are bulbs that are out or have dimmed. While it’s normal for bulbs to lose some output over time, there should always be an even wash of light that effectively illuminates the façade, traveled pathways and landscaping around your property. If not, they may need to be replaced.

With fall comes falling leaves and it’s best to keep dead leaves away from light sources (although our lights burn cool). If your outdoor lighting system includes up lighting, check to see if you are in need of lens covers. Lens covers sit on top of the fixture lid and keep away any debris that may fall into the light fixture.

It’s normal for some wire to become exposed sometime after installation. If you’re noticing it now, however, it’s best to have your outdoor lighting company come back to the property and rebury it. If it is left alone, it can become worse with fall maintenance like rakes going over the property and further pulling at it.

During your nighttime walk through of your system, you may notice areas that would be night to have lit for the future. We find that traveled paths, walkways, steps and entrances are all important areas to effectively illuminate. Just a few lights will increase the safety and security of your property.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is a full service landscape and architectural lighting company. We’re here to help our clients will all of their lighting needs, from design to installation to maintenance and service. If you need help with your system, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Who Should Design and Install Your Landscape and Architectural Lighting?

For many homeowners, their house and property provides a sense of pride. It’s an expensive asset that has to be cared for and maintained properly. Whether it’s a home builder, landscape, electrician or outdoor lighting company, choosing the right professional to work on your home is important. They should treat your property as if it’s their own and leave it better than when they arrived.

When it comes to hiring an architectural lighting company, here are some things to look for.

The Quality Difference
Not all companies are created equal and they don’t work with their clients the same way or use the same product. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality designs and fixtures. We’ve been designing and installing outdoor lighting since the 1990s, so we know what works in both technique and technology.

Exceptional Service
Like most things in your home, your outdoor lighting system needs to be serviced and maintained to be in tip-top shape. That means you should choose a company that you want to work with for years to come. If they don’t offer ongoing maintenance, we suggest you look to another resource. The last thing you want to do is be left with a system that doesn’t work in a few years’ time with nowhere to go to fix it.

Each new OLP system comes with a year free maintenance and then we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) which takes care of all your lighting needs for the year including bulb changes, fixture adjustments, reburying of wire, etc.

Specialist in Their Field
A lot of companies claim to be landscape and architectural lighting experts, but we find that not to be the case. For the best design, installation and service of outdoor lighting, we recommend a specialist in the field, a company that focuses solely on lighting. They will be up-to-date on the best technology and fixtures and leave your home looking its best.

If you’re looking to enhance your home with outdoor lighting, please call us at 804-874-9985.

Architectural Lighting Illuminates Midlothian’s Hallsley Neighborhood

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond we design and install custom architectural and landscape lighting systems for residential and commercial properties. While we are often invited to illuminate a particular property, neighbors and passersby will notice the difference light can make and then invite us to their properties as well. Once in a while, however, we participate in projects that incorporate an entire street, like we did at this year’s Homerama in Midlothian’s Hallsley neighborhood.

Homerama is an annual event where builders, designers and other home providers work together for a 2-week event supporting cancer research. This year, it incorporated 9 new homes in Hallsley. To make the streets and homes pop at night, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lit each home on the street!

As you can see, the Homerama event can be appreciated at all times with custom designed lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives took a 2-step approach in this lighting design.

First was to accentuate the stunning and unique details of each home. Every home was built specifically for the Homerama event and no detail was ignored, from architectural lines and stonework to deep colors, pergolas and more. With so much going into the event and to the process of getting ready for it, our trained outdoor lighting designers washed every detail in warm LED lighting to invite the eye to each property.

The second step was to tie the entire street together. Besides a corner streetlamp, there aren’t any street lights on the road. We wanted more light closer to the road that would transition to each property seamlessly. To do that, we added tree lighting to each of the new trees that were planted during the building process. Now, as you look at the street, you don’t notice any dark pockets.

As the new owners of these homes move into their gorgeous homes this fall, they can appreciate coming home to a well-lit house. If you’re looking to add lighting to your property, please contact us!

Getting Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Ready for Fall

There are just a few weeks left before the kids go back to school and summer ends. We’ve already noticed the sun is rising a little later and setting a little earlier. As the night’s darkness continues to sneak up at us, we at OLP encourage outdoor lighting clients to turn their attention on their system and take notice if it is in need of any maintenance or service.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives prides itself on not only designing and installing custom lighting systems, but also on providing ongoing maintenance to keep that system performing just as the day it was installed. With the dark months coming, late summer and early fall are great times for a lighting system-tune up. Here are a few things we encourage homeowners with landscape and architectural lighting to look for:

Dimming lights. It’s natural for light bulbs to dim over time, but the system overall should always have an even wash of light that effectively illuminates the property. If you’ve noticed it dimming, there are bulbs out or the light is no longer even across all sections, it may be time to have your bulbs updated.

Depending on when you had your lighting system installed, you may have halogen lights on your property that will dim more quickly. We now recommend LED lights for added energy-efficiency and performance. The typically LED light lasts up to 50,000 hours!

Lights and lens covers. The metro-Richmond area is blessed with gorgeous trees, but in the fall many of those trees lose their leaves. Any up lights should have lens covers to keep those leaves away from the bulb for safety purposes.

Wires. OLP buries all lighting wires when a new system is installed on a property, but with normal erosion some of it can become exposed from time to time. With fall landscaping and fallen leaves, a rake for instance could make the issue worse. If you walk your property and see any wire, make sure to call your outdoor lighting company to visit the property and rebury any wire that has become exposed.

Each Outdoor Lighting Perspectives comes with a year of free maintenance and then we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan allowing clients to keep their systems in top shape each year, but we’re here for all your lighting maintenance needs. If you’re experiencing any issues with your system, don’t hesitate to contact us at 804.874.9985.

Highlighting Backyard Water Features

As we at OLP custom design outdoor lighting systems for homeowners all across Metro Richmond, we’ve been some spectacular properties. From stunning homes, lush landscaping, and unique statues, we’ve seen it all. One trend we see in backyard spaces is custom water features. When our designers see these standout features, we make sure to illuminate it so it can be appreciated both day and night.

This first example is a high standing water feature that serves as a focal point for the property. A stacked stone retaining wall is built up in one area with small pebble-like details. Water runs down the pebbles (creating the soothing sound of falling water) into a small pond below. With full trees behind it, this water feature is impressive, but with the exception of the sound of falling water, it was completely lost at night, until we visited the home.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used a few techniques for this water feature. It was important to us that the pond and the stone were both illuminated for full impact. Under water lights were installed in the water shooting light upward. We use only the best quality lighting fixtures for this to withstand being submerged for a long period of time. In addition to the underwater lights, we used small spot lights to wash the stone in warm light. It brings the color and textures of the feature back to life.

Instead of falling into a pond designed for looked, our second water feature falls into a backyard pool. Since people swim in the pool (and stand underneath the waterfall), we didn’t recommend any underwater light fixtures for this installation. Instead, we installed lights on the underside of the rocks, illuminated the falling water and bordering stone. You can see how the feature now stand outs at night not only increasing its beauty, but also the safety of the overall pool. We don’t want anyone hitting their head on dark stone!

If you have standout features on your property that fade into darkness at night, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help! Call us at 804-874-9995 to set up a free design consultation.

Are Outdoor Holiday Lights just for the Holidays?

We’ve all heard the term Christmas in July and we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond not only believe in celebrating Christmas in July, but we think it has its place throughout the entire year! The city of Richmond comes to life with outdoor Christmas lights in December, but those same lights can be used at all times of the year!

No, we aren’t telling your neighbors it’s OK to put their candy cane shaped lights out in the front yard now, but there is always a place for colored string and laser lights. Families have been using string lights for the holidays for years, but outdoor lighting technology has made huge strides in the last few years. Some string lights are now high-quality enough to be hung and used all year round outdoors. The key is to make sure you get the right lights to ensure they are safe for outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

String and café lights are a popular backyard lighting option in the Midlothian, Manakin Sabot and the Greater Richmond area. They can be hung over porches, decks and patios to create a warm and inviting spaces. It’s also common to see string lights wrapped around trees, bushes and railing.

For homeowners that want to add ambiance from time to time in a space but aren’t interested in a semi-permanent installation, we recommend our Starry Lights fixtures. These small LED laser-based fixtures can be taken in and out of space easily and can be recharged when not in use. So what’s the difference? Starry Lights shoots hundreds of small light bursts towards a surface that looks like string lights without the time it takes to hang them.

Both string and Starry Lights brighten up a space and create a fun environment. They are perfect for Christmas lighting, of course, but they are also wonderful for fun nights outside with friends and family. And, if you’re interested in colored lights, we have you covered. Just ask us about the available options!

If you’re interested in string lights for your backyard, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.

Architectural Lighting in Richmond and Midlothian

Most homeowners take great pride in their homes and properties, that’s why we are Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are happy to provide beautifully designed and installed architectural lighting in Midlothian, Manakin Sabot, and the Greater Richmond area.

The goal of architectural lighting is in the name: to accentuate the style, lines and details of a property’s exterior for enhanced curb appeal. As each home is different, each lighting system should be too. Here are some of the details we look at while we create the perfect system for you:

The Architectural Lines. From straight modern to colonial and everything in between, the lines of a home create a frame that we work within. As we wash a façade in light, we try to minimize any dark areas on the surface. When lighting isn’t done well, you may notice peaks that aren’t illuminated to the very top or a second floor that is in complete darkness making a property look cut off or stunted. OLP makes a conscience effort to wash the entire surface in warm light.

Standout Features. Some homes have standout features like arched entryways, unique windows, porte cocheres, or columns. These are the features that make a home pop and should be seen and appreciated both day and night. We pay particular attention to those features and are sure to illuminate them perfectly.

Color and Texture. From classic brick and intricate stonework to colored siding, the Richmond area has homes with all types of colors and textures. Those features play a part in shaping the personality of the property and should be considered while creating an architectural lighting system.

If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal with lighting, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985. Our designers will work with you to create a system that fits your needs, tastes and budget. We use only the highest quality LED outdoor and landscape lighting and are available for all your service and maintenance needs.

We look forward to working with you.

Backyard Garden Lights for Summer Nights Outside

The kids are out of school and the season of outdoor barbecues has officially started. There is nothing like enjoying nice nights outside well past when the sun goes down. If you’re looking to spend extended time outdoors, but don’t want to risk any accident due to darkness, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond can help. We design traditional and unique backyard lighting systems that increase the safety and security of your decks, porches, patios and other outdoor living spaces.

One of the trends that we’ve seen over the last few years is people enhancing their backyards with stunning outdoor living rooms outside. Take this free-standing patio for example. It houses a full outdoor kitchen with room for seating for outdoor dining. It’s gorgeous. Backyard lighting makes it even nicer since it can be used at all hours of the day. If you have outdoor structures like this, simple lighting additions will make a big impact. In this installation, downward deck lights were placed on the ledges of the counter to illuminate the beautiful stonework of the structure.

Not only does it accentuate the details, but lighting also increases the safety of outdoor living spaces, but it increases the safety. The risk of someone walking into a sharp corner or tripping over steps decreases when the it’s all illuminated.

If traditional outdoor and landscape lighting isn’t your style, there are endless unique and contemporary backyard lighting designs. While strings lights and outdoor lighting chandeliers are just two of the techniques growing in popularity, that’s not where the options end! The owners of this patio wanted something different and we made it happen. The space already had two sails hanging over the space. We placed LED rope lighting around the perimeter of the sale to highlight the feature and provide illumination below.

In addition to the rope lighting, lighting was placed in the drain that runs down the center of the space. The grate of the drain is uniquely designed and by placing lighting beneath it, it becomes a focal point at night and leads the eye to ivy-covered wall with water features at the end of the space.

If you’re looking to enhancing your backyard with lights, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.

Enjoy your Pool Safely with Pool Lighting in Midlothian and Richmond

Summer in the Richmond area is upon us. The weather is warm and the kids are out of school. They are spending endless time outdoors and staying up past their bedtime. For those homeowners with pools, families are swimming and it is not uncommon for the fun to continue past dark. While pools are fun and provide entertainment, they can be a safety concern. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install poolside lighting that increases the safety and security of your backyard.

Too often we enjoy the outdoors so much just to realize that the sun has gone down and we cannot navigate our way around a property safely. Just a few strategically placed backyard lights ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Here are two examples of poolside lighting that allows families to enjoy their yards safely.

This large pool is set back from the home and surrounded by a beautiful flagstone patio. Because it is set a little farther back from the home, light from the house doesn’t reach all parts of the patio leaving sections of the space in the dark at night. The homeowners didn’t want to blast the space with spotlights but instead were looking for a subtle outdoor lighting design to illuminate the space beautifully. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives visited the property and designed a simple yet effective system. Path lights were installed along the edge of the patio shooting lighting downward on the space. Visitors can now clearly see where they are stepping and can easily find their way back to the home when the fun ends.

Our second example is a stunning backyard, but with retaining walls, steps and a pool, it has some safety concerns without light at night. Our trained designers visited the property and created a poolside lighting system that accentuates the beauty of the space without overwhelming it with light. Down lights were installed on the rock wall to light the pool deck below and a series of path lights were placed around the rest of the space. Look how the color and textures of the space can now be seen at night!

If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your backyard, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.

Working with a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with spectacular architectural and landscape lighting systems and even better customer service. With many options for outdoor lights, be them from big box stores or your landscaping company, we have been asked about the benefits of working with a specialized outdoor lighting company. Here’s are some of the key differences:

Design. At OLP, outdoor lighting is all that we do. With it being our specialty, our clients know they are going to get the best in outdoor lighting design. Each system we create is designed specifically for the property we’re visiting at that moment. It’s not a cookie cutter approach. We consult with our clients to understand their needs, tastes and budget and create a system accordingly. Our free design consultations can take place either during the day or at night, whatever works best for you.

Fixtures and Creativity. One of our goals is to create lightscapes that look beautiful for years to come. High-quality outdoor lighting fixtures are key to that goal. When hiring an outdoor lighting company, you know that you are getting the best LED landscape lighting fixtures on the market with some of the best warranties. Not only do they perform well, but they last! We’ve all seen those small bug lights that homeowners may purchase at a home improvement store, but don’t last very long.

When it comes to unique installations and designs, creative approaches to technique and fixtures ensure a gorgeous result. An outdoor chandelier for your dining space? Sure. High-quality string lights for outdoor parties? No problem!

Service and Maintenance. One of the biggest differences of working with an outdoor lighting company versus someone who just installs lighting is continuous service and maintenance. Since we are focused soley on lighting, we view our relationship with our clients as such, a relationship. Over time, we want to come and visit the property to service, add-on, and adjust the lights to keep them looking as intended. In short, service is a priority.

If you are considering enhancing your metro Richmond property with outdoor and landscape lighting, please contact us at 804-874-9985.

Architectural Lighting in Midlothian – have you been to Homerama?

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond are truly proud to be active members in this wonderful community that we live in. Just last September we were a sponsor and vendor for the Massey Street of Hope and now, for the third year in a row, we’ve lit properties for Richmond’s Homerama event. In fact, we lit every home in this year’s event!

If you haven’t been to Homerama yet, plan on it! Not only does it provide a wealth of home improvement inspiration, but it’s fun! On the weekends there are vendors, food, drinks and music! Here are just a few of the fun events still to come:

• Thursday Night Concert Series (June 9th & 16th)
• Beer and Bluegrass (June 11th & 12th)
• Wine and Jazz (June 18th & 19th)
• How to Create your Outdoor Oasis (June 11th)
• Green Front Furniture Day Sale (June 14th)

It’s all happening in Midlothian’s Hallsley until June 19th! Visit their website or Facebook page for all the details and to see some of the pictures!

Each home at Homerama is built by a different custom home builder in Richmond. The builder works with the interior design team that stages the home for the event. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives worked with each builder to design the perfect architectural lighting design for the property. As with all of our systems, each design was custom created with the particular property in mind. Some of the characteristics we look for:

• Architectural lines,
• Color,
• Texture,
• Unique finishes,
• Landscaping,
• And more

Homerama is set on one street in Hallsley. During the day it can be a bustle of people, but with our outdoor lighting, not to be biased, it looks spectacular at night too! Not only is each home properly illuminated, we also lit the trees running down the street to provide continuity.

As you plan your next few weekends, take a few hours and visit Homerama. Proceeds go to ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Deck and Patio Lights in Richmond Extend Your Time Outdoors

Summer is here in Richmond. The grass is green and the rainy weather seems to be nearly over (fingers crossed). On nice nights, it’s no surprise that homeowners, friends and family would like to spend time outdoors. As the outdoor lighting experts, we at OLP encourage homeowners to consider adding deck and patio lights to their backyards for increased safety and security.

Have you ever been in your yard with friends just to realize that the sun has gone down and you can no longer see the space or where you are stepping clearly? The chances of tripping or falling could increase at those times. Our goal is to help people spend more time outdoors safely by designing and installing custom backyard light designs. When it comes to deck and patio lights, there are endless options…

The most commonly used technique while illuminating outdoor living spaces is the traditional deck light. These small, downward facing lights are installed on deck posts or along retaining walls to spread light on the horizontal surfaces of the property. Their half-covered designs provide enough light for people to see the space clearly, but doesn’t blind any of the people using the space.

Path lights are also used often in the backyard. For spaces that are low to the ground or on pathways leading to and from the space, path lights are perfect. Their large beam spread will light spaces effectively with just a few fixtures depending on the size of the space. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses high-quality copper and brass path lights that will last for years!

Growing in popularity with respect to deck and patio lights are specialty lights that come in a variety of designs and finishes. Specialty lights are unique ways to not only add illumination to an outdoor living space but also ambiance. Imagine having an outdoor dining space with a beautiful chandelier over it, or beautiful string lights hanging over a deck and patio. The possibilities are endless! Our goal is to choose lights that not only look great but work effectively.

Please call us at 804-874-9985 to discuss your backyard lighting options.

Architectural Lighting Continues to Illuminate Richmond’s Homerama

As discussed in last week’s blog, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the great pleasure of illuminating this year’s Homerama event. The event allows the public to tour custom built homes that are professionally decorated. If you are looking for a new home or updating the one that you have, Homerama is a great source of inspiration. The event takes place June 4-19th and continues to shape up in advance of the opening.

As the homes and landscape are receiving their final touches, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been spending significant time at the properties designing and installing custom outdoor lighting systems to accentuate all their best details. Today we’d like to share a few more properties you can enjoy in just a few weeks!

This first property is finished in beautiful stonework that add texture to the look. It has a large double door entry and two hardscaped columns on the sides of the driveway. As soon as we saw the home, we knew the stone needed to be highlighted with a warm wash of light. It instantly increases the curb appeal of the property at night.

The stone columns around the driveway are beautiful features, but needed to be properly illuminated to make sure they are easily seen by passersby and drivers! The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team installed small spotlights on the front side of the column to illuminate the features, but also to make sure that drivers leaving the property aren’t blinded by light causing a safety concern.

Our second outdoor lighting example is a stunning two story home with beautiful finishing details. Like the first home, it does incorporate some stonework, but also has columns and pergola-like finishes over the door and porch areas. We needed to create façade lighting that brought all of those details out with light! Up lights with wide beam spreads were place in front of the columns that highlighted the column, but also the façade in general. We specifically love the unique but subtle shadows it creates through the porch roof details.

We’re so thrilled to be involved in this annual event that brings people from all over Virginia to Richmond. Mark your calendars for June 4-19th!

Designing Landscape Lighting for Richmond Homerama 2016

Each year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond looks for ways to get involved in our local community. In addition to participating in 2015’s Massey Street of Hope, we are thrilled to be involved in Richmond’s Homearama event for the third year in a row.

Each year, the Home Building of Association of Richmond hosts Homerama in a newer neighborhood allowing visitors to see and walk through custom designed and staged homes. This year, Homerama will take place in Midlothian’s Hallsey neighborhood and will be take place between June 4th – 19th.

Homerama is a fun event that brings in tens of thousands visitors each year. During the day, it’s a bustling street with food trucks, bounce houses and live music, but at night it quietly has faded into the night in the past. Until Outdoor Lighting Perspectives got involved. By adding custom designed outdoor and landscape lighting, the street can be appreciated at night and makes the homes more desirable to potential buyers.

Just last week, we lit our first property for this year’s event. This property was built by a local builder and incorporates beautiful features including a stone façade, metal porch roof and wrap-around porch. Our job was to accentuate all of the details and now everything can be appreciated day and night!

With the porch, we installed up lights at the base of each column highlighting each one adding visual height to the project. Over the porch, we wanted to make sure people could see the metal roof as well as the second floor windows. If this area had been ignored, the home would have look stumped and cut short. Two spot lights were installed along the gutter line to wash the space in light.

Additional architectural lighting in the form of wash lighting was incorporated to highlight the stonework and blue siding.

You’ll notice that the small trees in the front of the yard are illuminated as well. These trees line the entire Homerama street. OLP has installed tree lighting to each one to add uniformity to the street.

If you’re in the Richmond market, please mark your calendars for this year’s Homerama, June 4-19th!

Highlighting Your Standout Features with Landscape Lighting

From statues and pergolas to water and fire features, the Greater Richmond area has properties with stunning special features. Unfortunately, many of those features are completely lost when the sun goes down. Now that the weather is nice again, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your backyard and all its details both night and day? Well, it’s a possibility with custom landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

This small pergola is simple, but acts as a transition to the yard and outdoor living space, an entryway of sorts. This homeowner wanted to add light that would guide visitors to this space. OLP added a light to the top of the structure, illuminating the sides and growing ivy without blinding people as they walk underneath it (which can be a hazard with up lights at times). Beyond it, we installed a series of path lights around the walkway and patio inviting people into the space beyond. It’s a simple, yet effective, landscape lighting system.

Set back on the property, this statue is a stunning focal point. Surrounded by trees, the classic structure needed only one LED light fixture to properly illuminate it. For this project, a spot light was placed slightly in front of the statue washing it in a warm light. As you can see in the picture, you can barely notice where the light is. It is our motto that lighting is about the effect, not the fixture. If the eye goes directly to the fixture, it’s not the design we are looking for.

Lastly, this water feature is surrounded by lush crepe and myrtles that are popular in the Richmond – Midlothian area. When creating the perfect landscape lighting design for this space, it was important that we illuminated the trees as well as the feature’s rock and falling water. Under water lights, up lights and spots light were all used to highlight the colors and textures.

If you’re looking to enhance your property with light, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Richmond Architectural Lighting Brings Out the Best in Homes

Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas has homes with diverse and stunning architecture. With varying colors, textures, finishes, and landscaping each property has its own unique personality. Custom designed architectural lighting is one way to make sure your home’s charm can be appreciated day and night. Here are some examples to see what we mean.

Our first example is a two story home with warm taupe shingle siding and a wide front porch. Typical wash lighting wouldn’t work on this property due to the porch. It would cut the light off after the porch leaving the second story dark and the home stumped. Instead, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives installed outdoor lights for first and second stories separately. On the first floor, column lights were placed in front of the large columns to highlight this key architectural detail of the home. Small spot lights were installed to illuminate the second story leaving every part of the home lit.

This second home is a style that we see all over Richmond, a beautiful brick home. One of the first details you notice about the home when you see it is its height. We wanted to make sure the all of it could be properly illuminated evenly. Luckily for us, LED lighting technology only continues to improve, providing strong lighting even for high properties without increasing energy consumption. Architectural wash lighting highlights the entire façade bringing out not only the height, but also the red brick and black and white finishing details.

This last property has several peaks in its design. Finished in beautiful stonework, our trained architectural lighting designers needed to bring out the stone and the numerous peaks. Both uplights and spot lights were used to illuminate the different sections of the home to leave the property with this stunning affect.

If you’re looking to illuminate your home and property, please call us at 804.874.9985. Each and every Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system is custom designed with our clients’ properties, tastes and budgets in mind. We look forward to working with you.

Creating the Perfect Lighting for Your Outdoor Event

As the weather turns to spring temperatures, some homeowners and brides-to-be may be thinking about outdoor events be them graduation parties, weddings, or fun outdoor barbecues. Richmond landscape lighting is the perfect way to add some ambiance, style and whimsy to any outdoor event.

Gone are the days when string lights were used solely for holiday lighting applications. As the technology and quality has improved, so has the ability to work with them in a number of ways. Over the last few years, outdoor string lights have become a favorite lighting fixture for special events and hospitality lighting. As you see in this photo, strings of lights (available in multiple sizes and colors) can be hung over entertaining or dining areas to provide a more romantic look. If it’s a look a homeowner loves, these lights can be a permanent application in any outdoor living space.

If you like the look of small string lights but don’t want to wrap trees in lights and would like something less permanent, a new holiday lighting fixture may be the perfect fit. We call it our Starry Lights application and it’s a laser-based fixture that shoots small bursts of LED lighting on any surface, be it a tree, buildings, etc. The final look is similar to string lighting but he fixtures are easily moved and recharged. Here you see Starry Lights fixture in a green finish, but they are available in blues, reds and purples as well, one is sure to fit your events style.

Our final example of special event lighting is these stunning lighting globes. Aren’t they gorgeous? This landscape lighting technique we’ve used in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas is both whimsical and romantic. They can be hung high up in the trees, set alongside walkways and paths, or even set in pools and ponds.

When you’re planning your outdoor event, do not forget about the lighting. Not only can light set the mood, but they also increase the safety of the party. We recommend path lights and step lights throughout any space to minimize risk of any trips and falls. Trust us, just a few lights will make a big difference!

If you would like to discuss lighting for your next event, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985.

Preparing Your Richmond Home for Sale

It’s officially spring! Families are starting to spend time outside, spring sports have started, and kids are ready for spring break. It’s also the time of year that some homeowners are looking to list their homes for sale. Most realtors request that owners do a little bit of cleanup and sprucing up to make their homes look great prior to listing the house.

When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is incredibly important. Landscaping and outdoor lighting are two components that may help you in your quest to sell.

The greater Richmond market is blessed with gorgeous landscaping. From crepe and myrtles to ivy and azaleas, when these plants are maintained well they make a great impact, but when they are unkempt and overgrown, they can be an eyesore. If you’re looking to list your property, cleaning up the landscaping will quickly make your property look cleaner and more appealing. Trimming trees and bushes, mulching flower beds and raking leaves are just a few of the landscaping tasks you may hear from your realtor.

Architectural and landscape lighting will improve the first impression of your home as well. Some potential buyers may drive by properties after work when the sun is just starting to set. Unfortunately, they may not be able to see all of the charming details of the home and property if it’s dark out. Strategically placed lights will ensure key parts of the property aren’t lost at night.

We understand that when selling your home you may be watching what you spend on new features that you won’t be able to enjoy after the home is sold. It may not make sense to invest in an all encompassing design. If the goal is to make the home look inviting at night for potential buyers, there are a few key places to illuminate to give the welcoming look you’re going for without breaking the bank.

The first aspect to pay attention to is the entrance. Lighting the front doorway and porch area focuses the eye there, inviting people inside. Façade lighting is a great way to make the space around the door pop at night.

You’ll also want to illuminate any walkways of pathways you have in the front of the home. Like the entryway, it invites the passersby onto the property and towards the home, not to mention increases the safety and security if people are looking at the home later in the day.

If you’re looking to increase the curb appeal of your home prior to listing it, please contact us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at 804.874.9985.

Architectural Lighting Increases Curb Appeal in Midlothian

As many homeowners know, there seems to always be something you can do to the house and property. Whether it is adding new landscaping, repainting a room or a bigger project like renovating your kitchen, homeowners may be looking to add value to the home or just make it a little more comfortable for them.

When it comes to the outside of the home, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond aim to increase the curb appeal of properties for not only the owners, but also neighbors, friends, family and potential buyers. To show you the difference that professionally designed and installed architectural lighting can make, here is one OLP project:

Here is what the property looked like at night before we started working with the family. As you can see, even with some of the indoor lights on the house and yard looks dark. Although the house is stunning, it cannot be appreciated after the sun goes down.

That is until we helped them…

And here is what the home looks like now. All the details can now be seen easily. Our trained designers visited the property to design the perfect system for this home. When creating the design, we first looked at the special details of the property. The numerous peaks and the stonework are standout features that needed to be illuminated. Architectural wash lighting was placed at the base of the home, shooting light upward.

The fixtures are placed strategically to effective illuminate the façade, but also so as not to blind anyone looking out the windows. We never want to blind anyone with light.

In addition to façade lighting we added a few path lights to add security and safety to the front walkway. Now visitors can clearly see where they are stepping as they walk up to the property.

If you’re looking for ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, please call us at 804.874.9985.

Getting Your Property Ready for Spring

Even though the weather has been hit or miss the last week or so, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives are turning our thoughts towards the warm nights of spring and summer. This is the perfect time to plan out any spring updates you’ll be making to your property and that includes your outdoor and landscape lighting.

If one of your goals is to make your outdoor living spaces more usable, patio and deck lights can certainly help. Lighting, when done well, can make your spaces feel more like a “room” and extend the amount of time you’ll spend outside. The design options are plenty, but our goal is to effectively illuminate the space without the light being overpowering or the attention going straight to the lighting fixtures themselves.

Deck and patio lighting, spot lighting, moonlighting and string lights are options that OLP uses frequently in outdoor living spaces. The final design depends greatly on the homeowners’ tastes and style. Moonlighting and string lights can both be romantic and whimsical while the more commonly used deck and patio lights are classically beautiful. All will allow you, your friends and family to stay outside even when the sun goes down.

If your goal is to enhance the curb appeal of your home and property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recommends architectural and landscape lighting. Façade lighting accentuates the lines, textures and colors of your home, adding charm and ambiance. Our trained designers create systems that wash the entire surface in light, checking for dark spots and ensuring no light blinds anyone looking outside. Landscape lighting on the other side adds visual depth to the property. While designing an overall design, we choose key trees, shrubs and focal pieces to illuminate around the home.

Some homeowners already have lighting on their property. For those, we suggest walking the property at night and making sure that the system is in good working condition and looks the same as it did when it was first installed. If not, call your outdoor lighting company to discuss service options.

If you have any lighting questions, please call us at 804.874.9985.

Outdoor Lighting Service Keeps Your Lights Looking Spectacular

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we pride ourselves on designing and installing gorgeous custom architectural and" landscape lighting in Midlothian":http://richmond.outdoorlights.com/landscape-lighting-richmond/, Richmond and the surrounding areas. Each one of our new installations includes a year of free maintenance, but continuous maintenance and service is key to keeping your lighting designing illuminating your property as it was intended.

When we say lighting maintenance, we mean more than just switching out light bulbs. In fact, in the case of our LED landscape lights, those bulbs are expected to last between 40,000 and 50,000 hours. Here are some the service points our technicians look at for complete service adjustments:

Fixture position and beam spread. When a professional outdoor lighting company like OLP installs a system, we ensure that the fixtures are all straight and the light is directed appropriately. However, over time, that can change. Lawnmowers, kids, or animals can all bump fixtures slightly and affect the beam spread. Placing everything back to where they were initially installed keeps your system looking spectacular.

Landscaping. Richmond is blessed with beautiful trees, flowering bushes and more. The problem? They can grow quickly! When it comes to your lights, landscaping can grow into the light’s path, affecting the system’s look. Our team will trim your vegetation (with your permission) or move fixtures entirely if they need to be.

Wires. When the OLP team first installs a system, they bury the wire in the ground, but erosion may expose some of it. Normal lighting service providers will walk your property looking for any wire that needs to be reburied. If any wire has been cut, we’ll fix or replace it as needed, too.

Light output. A new façade and landscape lighting system washes the property in warm light that even across the board. We make sure not to have what we call “hot spots” where the light is too bright, throwing off the balance. It’s normal for light to lose some of it’s light output the longer it’s been working, but it can be adjusted back.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives doesn’t only service and maintain its own lights. If you have another system, but still need help don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Schedule your service appointment at 804.874.9985.

Architectural Lighting Brings White Ranch Back to Life at Night

One aspect of being a trained outdoor lighting designer that continues to be a pleasure is creating the perfect lighting system for all types of properties. Be them residential properties, boutique hotels, wineries or other property, each and every one is different. And while we’ve done some very large jobs, it’s oftentimes the smaller ones that make the biggest impact.

This architectural lighting job in Midlothian is a simple design that show how lighting truly can bring a home back to life as nighttime falls.

Here is the house before Outdoor Lighting Perspectives came to visit. As you can see, there are two small coach lights on the front porch, but unfortunately they don’t provide enough illumination. The front steps sit in the darkness and the home’s details are completely lost.

And here’s the home after. Now do you see what a difference great outdoor lighting can make?

This one story ranch is very appealing. The white brick with the dark shutters add contrast, while the shrubbery adds texture and serious charm to the front façade.

In designing an architectural lighting system for this Midlothian home, our designer wanted to wash the entire front façade in warm illumination that would highlight all aspects of the property. Up lights and spot lights are the most common fixtures for façade lighting as they spread and light output effectively light vertical spaces evenly. Too often we see dark patches in lighting design, but not with our designs!

The up lights were installed along the front of the home to show off the front of the home, but it also indirectly highlights the shrubbery with a technique we call shadowing. Installing lights behind a structure or detail creates a shadow from behind accentuating the color and texture.

Steps and stairs are always addressed in our outdoor lighting designs to increase a spaces safety and security. With the addition of architectural lighting, just a few step lights were needed to properly illuminate the steps and decrease the likelihood of anyone tripping on them.

If you’re looking to add architectural and landscape lighting to your property, please reach out to us at 804.874.9985. We are happy to create the perfect design for you!

Backyard Landscape Lighting in Richmond Beautifies Property

This warm weather has us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives dreaming of spring and summer. And now is the perfect time to plan and start outdoor projects so that you can enjoy them all season.

One of our goals at OLP is to allow our clients to spend extended time outdoors by providing light that stops people from going inside when the sun goes down. For many homeowners, they spend more time in their backyard than their front yard, enjoying their decks, patios, pools, and other outdoor living spaces. Nothing highlights your exterior spaces light backyard landscape lighting.

While many homes have back flood lights stuck on the outside of the house, it is often too bright, too dim or only illuminates a small area of the backyard. A professional outdoor lighting company can fix that by creating a custom design that washes all the most important aspects of your property in light. We aim to provide the perfect amount of light to highlight the property without overwhelming it.

In creating the perfect landscape lighting design, we first look at the areas of the property where the families spend the most time, be them decks, patios or other outdoor spaces. With a mixture of deck, path and spot lights, we are able to provide subtle lighting that keeps you outside longer.

Traveled pathways are also incredibly important to any landscape lighting in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas. It not only adds beauty, but more importantly, it increases the safety of a property by guiding friends and family throughout the space. Who chooses to go down a dark path when there is one that is perfectly lit? Whether they are paved or not, we look for ways to help people navigate a space with light.

Accentuating landscaping is what brings color and texture to a lighting design, but it also makes a space feel larger. Our trained designers look for the most interesting, trees, bushes and flowers to highlight, but also some landscaping on the edges of the property. By lighting trees at the edge of the space, it invites the eye out and makes the space feel more spacious in the dark.

Now is the perfect time to have your landscape lighting in Richmond designed and installed. Please call us at 804.874.9985 so we can help you!

Deck and Patio Lights for the Spring and Summer

Richmond is expecting a lot of snow this weekend resulting in a lot of families having to stay in their homes due to dangerous driving conditions. While the snow can be fun to play in for a little bit of time, it has us daydreaming about warmer weather. If you’re like us, you may already be planning updates to your outdoor living spaces.

Do you know the key to getting more use out of your outdoor living spaces? We do! It’s deck and patio lights.

Deck and patio lights allow homeowners to stay outside longer into the night because there is no reason to be forced inside on beautiful nights.

When it comes to creating the perfect lighting design for your backyard, there are certain areas we suggest paying attention to, but the fixtures themselves are versatile.

If you’ve read our blog, you know that we are firm believers in the power of the path light and it’s because they can be used in so many different ways. They increase the safety of your property and can properly light different areas, but they can also be a focal point. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer hand-crafted lighting luminaires that are made to add style to your backyard.

Seen here, our outdoor luminaires include cut copper to create beautiful designs on the fixture itself and the surrounding ground. There are many different designs and we can even create custom pieces.

Whether you light the classic or modern fixtures, it’s important that your “deck and patio lights”http://richmond.outdoorlights.com/deck-and-patio-lighting-richmond/:

  • Illuminate your outdoor living spaces,
  • Light traveled pathways, steps and stairs,
  • Accentuate special features like water features and statues,
  • And enhance the space in its entirety.

As you plan for your times outdoors, speak to a professional outdoor lighting company to design the perfect system for your property. Our trained OLP designers take in all aspects of your property to create a system that keeps you outside and looks great.

Please contact us at 804.874.9985 to discuss your backyard lighting.

Path Lights: Keeping You Safe this Winter

Happy 2016 everyone! We hope that everyone had a great holiday season and was able to enjoy time with friends and family. Now that the New Year has past, we are settling back into the swing of things, mainly work. Because it’s January, many full time workers are going to and from work in the darkness and cold: the perfect scenario for unnecessary injury.

Black ice is a serious concern in the winter months, even in Richmond. Dew, rain and other moisture settles on the surface and freezes in cold temperatures. It isn’t easily seen, it can very slippery. I know I’ve slipped on ice before, how about you?

If you want to minimize the risk of slipping this winter, illuminating your traveled pathways is a great way to do it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, one of our most commonly used fixture is the path light which is perfect for this application.

All year round path lights guide homeowners, friends and family through a property by lighting the way that they should go be it paved or not. During winter however, it adds a little more safety to a walkways and pathways. No, they will not melt ice (you can go to your local hardware store to find something that will), but they do illuminate the ice. When coming home, the light will reflect off of wet or frozen surfaces, letting you know to be careful.

Not all path lights are created equal however. High-quality, low voltage lighting will ensure that not only your outdoor spaces look great, but also that they will last for years.

Light output is a good guide to the quality. For most pathways only a few path lights should be needed. If you have to put a path light every few steps, your property will begin to look like an airport runway, taking away from the beauty of it. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we adjust the height and beam spread to maximize its effectiveness and minimize the number of lights. A great outdoor lighting design is about the affect, not the fixtures.

Additionally, light bulbs and fixtures should last a long time. While bulbs will need to be replaced periodically, fixtures should last for years! Our warranty backs our copper and brass fixtures for a lifetime!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Why you should upgrade your lights to LED

The beginning of each year is a time to make resolutions for the next year. Many resolutions involve some type of lifestyle change: eat better, workout more, spend more time with family, etc. Sometime resolutions involve finances or even being nicer to the environment. With those ideas Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond can help.

Switching your exterior lights to LED landscape lighting can get you closer to some of your 2016 resolutions. Here’s how.

If you’re looking to save money in 2016, LED lights can help you decrease your monthly energy bill and maintenance. Outdoor LED lights consume less energy than halogen lights. In some cases, it can save more than 50% in running costs. Additionally, you’ll save on normal maintenance and service to the system. We recommend that halogen light bulbs be switched out every year do to the light output diminishing over time. A system simply isn’t as bright year over year with halogen. That isn’t the case with LED lights. LED lights can burn for over 50,000 hours before the light goes out completely. In most cases, LED bulbs will not need to be switched every year, saving you maintenance and service; they are simply more reliable.

Another resolution that may be on your list may be to go green. LED landscape lighting can help you achieve that too. Not only will you use less energy with LED, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike other light bulbs, LEDs have no toxic materials in them meaning they cannot be released into the air.

While saving money and going green may be some of the more popular resolutions surrounding LED outdoor lighting, another resolution may be to increase the curb appeal of your home. When done well, outdoor lighting will make your home more appealing to neighbors and passersby. Overtime LED technology continues to improve, making the light output more pleasing. Gone are the days of cold, blueish LEDs. They are not warm and pleasing to the eye.

If you have questions regarding LED, please give us a call at 804. 874.9985.

The Benefits of Working with a Lighting Specialist

Architectural and landscape lighting can make a big and immediate impact on the curb appeal and usability of a property. But, not all lighting systems and fixtures are created equal. With landscapers, deck builders and pool companies putting in lights from time to time, trust us, it pays to work with an outdoor lighting specialist. Here’s why:

If you’ve read our blog before, we are big believers in outdoor lighting design. The perfect design accentuates the stand-out features of a property and addresses how you use your outdoor living spaces. A professional outdoor lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond has a team of trained designers and the experience to know how to create the perfect system for even the most difficult installations and properties. Lighting is all we do.

Second to the quality of the design, the fixtures that make up your landscape lighting is another important component to a gorgeous system. At OLP, we partner with the best manufacturers to bring our clients the highest-quality fixtures on the market. They withstand the elements better, have better warranties and provide a better effect than the average fixtures you can pick up at the nearby big box store. Because of our relationship with manufacturers we can also have unique or custom pieces created for difficult or specific uses.

When you work with an outdoor lighting specialist, you’re creating a relationship, and it doesn’t end when the lights are installed. Why you ask? Maintenance and service. They’re key to keeping your lighting looking spectacular. How would you feel if you paid for a lighting system just to have a light go out and you couldn’t quickly have it fixed? Because lighting is all we do, we’re happy to come and make adjustments, replace bulbs and fix any issues. We’re happy when your property looks fabulous! All of our new lighting system installations carry a year of free lighting maintenance and we offer annual maintenance plans to keep your system perfect.

These are just a few of the reason why working with a professional outdoor lighting specialist when looking to enhance your property makes sense. We’re confident our team of trained designers and installers can provide with you a system that you love. Please contact us at 874.9985 to discuss your property’s needs.

No Empty Houses with Lighting Controls

The holidays are a time when people travel. They leave their homes to visit friends and family down the street, on the other side of town or in another state. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we want homeowners to enjoy time away and not worry about their home. One way to keep your home a little safer is to utilize lighting controls.

Lighting controls are something that we have been using for years. In its simplest form, controls can turn on your outdoor and landscape lighting at a certain time of day and then turn them off at another time. Did you know, however, that those same controls can work inside your house?

Take this scenario for example. You’re away from home for a week for the holidays, but no one walking by at night would ever know it. At 5pm, a time you’d typically be coming back from work, your front living room light turns on. At 6:30 another light upstairs turns on. At 8:30, the living room light turns off and then at 11pm, the bedroom light turns off too. The lights are set to mimic your normal schedule, making it look as if someone is home during the season.

A house that looks occupied is less likely to be broken into and make it a little more secure and we’re happy to provide this service through lighting control automation.

Lighting controls have come a long way in the last 5 years. They can be programmed to be so specific and custom to you and your lifestyle that it will make your days and nights just a little easier. Imagine if a few of the downstairs lights turns on automatically at the time you would otherwise be stumbling in the dark to make your morning coffee. How nice would that be?

If you have questions on how controls can make your home a little safer and your day a little easier, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Avoiding Injuries with Light this Winter

We are officially in the middle of the holiday season. It’s the time to celebrate with friends and family, but unfortunately it can also be a time of year with increased injury. All too often people get hurt while decorating for the season or as a result of decreased temperatures. Here are some of our tips to avoid injury.

If you’re heading outside to install outdoor Christmas lights, be careful. Every year there are injuries from people falling from ladders. Wear rubber soled shoes to avoid slipping and grab a friend to spot you while off the ground, especially on unsteady or uneven ground.

When affixing lights to your property, never use nails. Not only can you easily injury yourself while hammering while standing on a ladder, it can cause damage and leaks to your property. Instead, look for light clips that hook onto rooflines. They are easily installed and used and easy to remove at the end of the season.

One of the common injuries during the winter is due to the weather: slipping. Richmond has beautiful brick walkways on both residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately brick and other outdoor surfaces become slick with frost and black ice. Professional outdoor landscape lighting can increase safety by illuminating these surfaces. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives designs and installs systems for this purposes. Some of the areas we pay particular attention to are:

Walkways. If increased safety is the goal of your outdoor lighting services, illuminated traveled pathways is imperative. Our high-quality path lights spread a beautiful wash of light across services.

Driveways. Sometimes more difficult to light properly, driveways are just as important to light for safety purposes as walkways as people will walk from their cars to a driveway. Spot lights, path lights, flood lights and moonlighting are all options for driveway lighting. Depending on your property, our trained outdoor lighting designers will discuss the options for you and decide which is the right choice.

Steps and stairs. Steps and stairs are always addressed in our exterior lighting designs. During the dark and cold winter months, it is very important to illuminate steps as people traveling to and from the home.

If you have questions on increasing the safety of your property, please call us at 804.874.9985.

Bright Gifts for Everyone

The outdoor Christmas lights have been turned on in Richmond. And we absolutely love it at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives! While the lights and music bring a festive spirit to the season, one aspect that can be a little more stressful is gift giving. Finding the right gifts for everyone on your list isn’t always easy.

Giving the gift of light is one that is sure to please and there are big and small options that fit every home and property. Here are some ideas that we can help with you.

Illuminated Accents. From glowing orbs to illuminated lanterns, lighted accents can add a little romance or style to an outdoor (or indoor) living space. Seen here in a bright white light, some of these objects can change color to match different party themes. Two of our favorites are the orbs and the wine chiller. The orbs are great along pathways, in the middle of tables, along steps and more. They are truly a versatile outdoor accents that are perfect for many spots. Your friend or family member is sure to find the right spot for them.

If someone on your list is a wine drinker, the illuminated chiller is something that’s fun and unexpected.

Festive Outdoor Lighting. We told you all about the easiest outdoor Christmas lighting in a previous blog post, but one of the reasons we love the Starry Lights fixture is that it’s so easy to move around and install that it can be used all year round. Many of our clients keep them handy and charged for barbecues or simple dinners outside. Starry Lights add a little color, fun and ambiance to the property.

Custom Landscape and Architectural Lighting. A favorite gift for parents or homeowner children, architectural and landscape lighting is a wonderful gift that everyone will appreciate for years to come when they no longer come home to a dark property. For the gift, we can create a gift certificate or go by the property to provide a tentative price. Each one of our systems is custom designed for the property and we suggest the owners be part of the design process.

Happy gifting everyone!

Outdoor Lighting Design in Richmond

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond we pride ourselves on creating beautiful outdoor lighting designs for our clients. Without a great design lighting can look unattractive, but with it, it can look spectacular.

The key to a great architectural lighting design is that it has to be unique to each and every project. It is not one size fits all. Each property has its own character and charm that needs to be accentuated to create the perfect lighting design. Beyond areas that we always light for safety purposes (steps, pathways and entrances), here are few things that our trained designers look for while creating a system.

Texture. The greater Richmond area has absolutely stunning architecture and landscape features that incorporate texture and depth to a property. Oftentimes, that texture is the standout feature in fact. It’s integral to any lighting design that the texture is highlighted and can be appreciated both day and night. Imagine if a brick house, for example, just looked flat. It simply wouldn’t be the same.

Texture doesn’t have to be a home’s material however, it can be lush ivy and landscaping. Strategically placed landscape lighting fixtures can bring that all back to life at night.

Strong lines and features. Sometimes we drive up to a property and there are special features to the home we notice right away. For example, the house has a porte cochere and arched porch. They make the home different and unique so they absolutely have to be illuminated in our book! Doesn’t it look lovely with light? Simply placing lights in the ground without thought or experience wouldn’t accentuate those details the way a trained, professional outdoor lighting company can.

Height. One thing we’ve seen all too often are properties that look as if they are cut off. The first floor is lit and then there is just darkness. If the home has height, it needs to play a role in an outdoor lighting design. Using high quality up lights and carefully installed spot lights, we ensure that the entire home can be appreciated by friends and neighbors.

If you’d like to discuss a custom outdoor lighting design for your property, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

The Easiest Outdoor Christmas Tree Lighting

Never in the year does the greater Richmond area shine brighter than the holidays. Homeowners, business owners, and properties of all kind take the time to make the outside of their property as festive as possible. While we love outdoor Christmas lights at OLP of Richmond, we know the hassle that some outdoor lighting applications can be, and we’re here to help!

Tree lighting is a favorite holiday lighting technique, but it also is the most time consuming. Not only do homeowners have to wrap lights around the brands or in the leaves, but they also have to get up on a ladder, which can be dangerous! Not anymore. The newest outdoor Christmas tree lighting fixture from OLP takes the hassle out of this process. Its name? Starry Lights.

Starry Lights is a small laser based fixture. Its set-up is simple; using a ground stake or stand, the fixture is placed at the base of the tree or object you’d like to illuminate. When turned on, the fixture shoots hundreds of LED bursts onto the surface, making your trees shine after two minutes of set up; talk about easy!

The Starry Lights fixture is made for the outdoors and can withstand the sometimes harsh winter elements and can be used for years to come. Depending on how you’d like to install, it can be hooked up by extension chord like the rest of your Christmas lights, or it can be recharged as needed. Either way, this may become your go-to lighting fixture.

If you follow or know Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you know we’re passionate about lighting. It’s all we do and we know better than anyone that festive lighting is NOT just for the holidays. It should be embraced and used all year round! Starry Lights is perfect for special events or just fun nights outside with friends and family. They are available in three colors: red, green and blue which makes them versatile choices for all applications.

If you’re interested in learning more or ordering Starry Lights fixtures, contact us at 804.874.9985. With a 7-day lead time, we’ll have you ready for the holidays in no time!

The Christmas Gift for the Person Has Everything

Although we haven’t enjoyed our Thanksgiving turkey yet, we’re already bombarded by holiday messages. You go in stores and see everything red, green and gold. While we love the holidays here in Richmond, one thing that can be stressful is purchasing gifts for loved ones. Everyone has someone on their list that is difficult to buy for. Well we have someone to give that person: professional outdoor lighting.

Over the years, we’ve seen an increase of people purchasing an outdoor lighting package for family members. It’s a way that they can increase the safety, security and curb appeal of their loved ones’ properties.

When purchasing lights for another person, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives would suggest a gift certificate. With a gift certificate the homeowners can play a part in the ever important design process. For us, we discuss the needs and tastes of the homeowner during the lighting design process. That’s why each design is different; each client is different. By working with the client, we know what their favorite aspects of the property are and are able to highlight them all with a beautiful wash of light.

After the design phase is complete, which can be done during the day or at night if you want to see exactly what it looks like before it’s permanent, our installation team visits the property. Our team will treat your property as if it’s our own. In fact, the only reason you’ll know we’ve been there is the light!

With the nights getting longer, gorgeous outdoor lighting is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re interesting in discussing this more, give us a call at 804.974.9985. With basic information on the size of the home and property with can provide a quote on what a full system would cost. It’s sure to be a gift that pleases this season.

And if you’re still in the market for easy Christmas lighting, ask us about our Starry Nights application. It’s our favorite lighting technique to make your trees sparkle!

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

It is officially November which means, you guessed it, the holidays. Thanksgiving decorations are out in stores and we’ll begin to see Christmas ones. This ever so busy season constantly sneaks up on homeowners. All of a sudden you’re making your home even more inviting for friends and family. Lighting can make a big impact on making your home more welcoming.

If you have an existing lighting system, November is the perfect time to make sure it is in tip-top shape so it looks great not only for the holidays, but for all of winter. And now that it’s getting darker earlier, you’ll be reminded of the impact proper illumination can make. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer maintenance year round to our clients. Here are some of the things we check:

Your timer. As the time changes we need to ensure that your timer setting does too. You shouldn’t have to come home to dark house if you have lights. Many of our timers will do this automatically. If you don’t have a timer that resets itself, discuss having this fixed with your outdoor lighting company.

Lens covers. If you have well lights of any kind, you need lens covers. They keep moisture and leaves away from the lights itself. This time of year, it’s good to check to make sure that everything is still in good working condition and the cover is clean and clear for the optimal effect.

Light output. When the time changes we notice the difference in light clearly. Take note of your system’s light output. If anything seems off, discuss having it checked with your outdoor lighting provider.

If you don’t have an existing system and have considered adding one, now is a great time to do it. Beautiful architectural lighting instantly makes your home more inviting to visitors and neighbors. Each Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system is custom designed for your property. We accentuate the best aspects of your property including colors, textures, architectural details and landscaping. The property is left with increased curb appeal and will be safer with lit pathways and steps.

If you’re looking to better illuminate your property for the holidays, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Safety Lighting as Daylight Savings Ends

This Sunday, November 1st, is the end of daylight savings. While we get an extra hour to sleep, it does mean that it gets darker earlier each night. All of a sudden, we’re driving home in the dark after work. It’s more difficult to see where you’re stepping and you’re more likely to trip over a rouge kid’s toy or stick.

As the change is so quick, we suggest reaching out to an outdoor lighting company (like us!) to increase the safety of your property with light. Not to mention, your home will look beautiful for the holidays!

For safety lighting, the first places we look to illuminate are traveled paths including walkways, driveways and steps. Our high-quality path lights properly light walkways with a large beam spread. Only a few fixtures will be needed depending on the length of your sidewalk. Or goal is never to add fixtures just for the sake of adding them. Instead, it’s all about the light output.

Path lights can also be used for driveways, but sometimes, the space is just too wide for only path lights to illuminate the entire space. In those cases, we can use spotlights or moonlighting to provide sure footing for homeowners and visitors. Spotlights can be secured on rooflines shooting light downward on the space while moonlighting requires fixtures to be installed high in the trees shooting light down through the branches, creating some shadows on the ground, mimicking the look of the moon.

Steps are arguably the most important features to illuminate for safety purposes. If there are only a few steps, path lights may be used, but if there are more, specific step lights or deck lights may be installed. Step lights sit on the vertical portion of the step, shooting light downward. Deck lights can be used if the steps have railings along the side. They are installed on the railing posts. Your outdoor lighting company can help you decide on which fixture is right for you.

If you want your home to stand out in the dark as well, we suggest adding architectural lighting as well. A well designed system will accentuate all the best aspects of your home, its colors, textures and stand out features. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference just as much as you do with daylight savings.

If you have questions on adding safety lighting to your property, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Happy National Outdoor Lighting Month

Did you know that October is National Outdoor Lighting Month? Founded in 2013, this annual event aims to increase homeowner’s awareness of how outdoor lighting increases the safety and security of properties. This year, National Outdoor Lighting Month is providing homeowners with tips and tricks to make the holiday season and special events bright with light!

Some of our favorite festive and holiday lighting techniques and installations are highlighted in a free download available on NationalOutdoorLightingMonth.com.

No lighting is more synonymous with holiday lighting than string lights. The Richmond area shines during the holidays largely due to string lights. As lighting technology continues to improve, however, string lights can be used well beyond the holiday season. More and more homeowners are looking to string lights as a way to illuminate their back decks and patios.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we’ve installed high-quality outdoor string lights in backyards like the one pictured here as a lighting technique that’s effective and whimsical. They have been hung over spaces or around railings, whatever it is that you prefer.

A newer outdoor Christmas lighting installation is what we call Starry Lights. It gives the illusion of hundred of lights in a tree or on a surface without the work. String lights, for instance, take time to hang. That’s not the case with Starry Lights; instead, a small fixture is placed in front of whatever it is you’d like to illuminate. The fixture shoots hundreds of small LED lighting bursts to the surface as seen in this picture. Isn’t it lovely?

Starry Lights isn’t just for Christmas, though. It’s perfect for outdoor parties or barbecues all year along. Compared to traditional decorative lighting, it is much more energy efficient and easier to use. All you have to do it plug it in and shoot!

When it comes to outside Christmas lights, it’s our recommendation that you plan early. It may only be October, but if you want to ensure that you have the perfect lighting display this season, make sure you get everything you need now while supplies are vast.

Have a great National Outdoor Lighting Month and as always, we’re here to answer any lighting questions you have!

Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Spaces this Fall with Deck and Patio Lights

Autumn, with its deep oranges, yellows and reds, is a gorgeous season. Apples are fresh for picking and there is pumpkin spice everything. While we enjoy the cooler temperatures after a hot Richmond summer, there is one thing that always surprises us: the darkness. Nighttime sneaks up on us and the sun comes out just little later than we’re used to; it’s no wonder why people start to pack up their outdoor furniture and move inside. But you don’t have to!

Fall is a great time to be outdoors. Yes, it’s a little cooler at night, but bring out a blanket or huddle around a fire feature and it is one of the best times to stay outside. If it’s the darkness that forces you inside, we can help! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can design and install a deck or patio lights system to properly illuminate your outdoor living spaces.

Deck and patio lights not only extend the time you can spend outdoors, but they also improve the safety of your spaces. Two popular outdoor elements we keep a look out for as we design a system to increase safety are elevation changes and hard surface features.

Take a look at this backyard for example. It has it all: a deck, patio, pathways, a pool and more. When you look at the picture you can see the elevation changes. During the day they create a sense of definition, creating transitions from space to space. At night, however, they become a safety hazard. People can trip and fall as they navigate the area. Not anymore! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was brought in to illuminate the space with backyard lights. A combination of path lights, step lights and down lights were installed throughout the space to increase visibility and minimize any risk of falls.

This next example has a few hard surface features: a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen. Both are lovely outdoor elements, but when it’s dark out, and the fire pit isn’t already on, they both can create a hazard if someone accidentally walks into them. It was important that both could be seen at night. A series of deck lights were places on the underside of the kitchen and around the edge of the fire pit for easy visibility.

If you’re interested in increasing the use and safety of your outdoor space with light, please call us at 804.874.9985.

Architectural Lighting in Midlothian Accentuates Textures

Driving around Midlothian and the Greater Richmond area you can see beautiful architecture on residential and commercial properties alike. There are gorgeous materials on facades, subtle but charming details in the finishes and more. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond one of our goals is to increase the curb appeal of properties with light. Bringing out the charm and the texture is key to allowing a home to be truly appreciated at night.

Here are two examples of homes with gorgeous details that we were able to bring out with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting systems.

This one story home in Midlothian was absolutely adorable during the day, but unfortunately it faded into darkness as the sun went down. OLP was hired to bring it back to life and it was our goal to make sure all the key details could be seen. The façade was our first focus. A good part of the home is finished with a natural stacked stone that brings color and texture to the home. On the other side of the home, there is shingle siding that complements the stone beautifully. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives started our architectural lighting design by washing the façade in subtle light.

After the façade, we turned our attention to the other key details including the smooth white columns, white finishes and white pergola over the garage doors. While they may not demand as much attention as the stone, they are just as important to the overall curb appeal of the property. Up lights were used at the base of the columns to accentuate the height of the columns, while coach lights were added around the garage doors to bring out the details there.

Our second example incorporates a look we see a lot in the Richmond area: brick. This two-story colonial home not only is finished in brick, but its porch and shutters are finished with extra detail. The slated shutters and the unique trim around the porch give the home a more casual and inviting finish. It was important to the owners that visitors, neighbors and passersby could see the details they loved in the home at night. Using LED up lights, we were able to shoot an even wash of light up the side of the home, illuminating the gorgeous brick and the shutters around with windows. A combination of up lights and spot lights were then used around the porch and on the eaves to bring out the trim detail as well as the attic window.

If you’re looking for an outdoor lighting company to design, install and/or maintain a system for your home, please reach out to us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond. We love creating custom systems we’re sure that you will love!

More Architectural Lighting in Midlothian at the Street of Hope

Tomorrow kicks off the Massey Street of Hope in the Hallsley neighborhood in Midlothian. We are so happy to be a part of this event benefitting VCU’s Massey Cancer center and encourage you to swing by. It runs for 16 days starting tomorrow and showcases extraordinary home and interior designs.

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives or Richmond are not only sponsors of the event, but we also lit several of the homes. We’ve already posted about the Home of Hope we did, but here are two others we’d like to show.

All of the homes have gorgeous architectural with beautiful texture and color. This home in particular incorporates stacked stone on the front columns and façade. After we lit the Home of Hope, the builder of this house asked us to design and install an architectural lighting system for it. Excuse the quality of the pictures, but it is wonderful to see this home at night. Up lights were used to wash the entire façade in a warm light using energy-efficient low voltage lighting. Our lighting specialists paid particular attention to the stonework, columns and front peak as they are the standout features of the home. Now all of it can be appreciated even when the sun goes down.

This second picture shows the first home and its neighbor next door. Just like the other homes, we installed façade lighting that would increase the curb appeal of the home for neighbors, the homeowners and potential buyers (all of the homes are for sale!). The photo illustrates how wonderful a street of well lit homes can look next to each other.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives creates custom outdoor lighting systems in Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on not having a one-size fits all design. Each home is different and it’s important that your outdoor lighting company takes those differences into consideration. If you have questions on architectural, landscape or backyard lighting, please contact us. We’re sure we can make your home shine!

Fall Lighting Maintenance

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond can hardly believe it is already September. Before we know it, the leaves will start changing and pumpkin spice everything will be out in stores. With the change in seasons, it’s a good time to turn some attention to your lighting system. If you have lights on your property, here are things to look at to see if you need to call an outdoor lighting company in Richmond:

Light Output. We all know that the nights get longer and the days get shorter in the fall months. One reason for investing in landscape lighting is so you never have to come home to a dark and uninviting home and property. Walk your property and take note of all the lights. Do they look as bright as they should? If not, it may be time to get new bulbs, or retro fit your system to LED if you haven’t already. With a burn time of over 50,000 hours, LED decreases the need to change bulbs.

Landscaping. Spring and summer result in a lot of growth on your property. As they grow, trees and shrubs can begin to block your lights and impact the output. Making sure to check your plants pruning recommendations, trimming any branches in the path of light can make a big impact on the illumination on your property.

Leaves. Speaks of trees and shrubs, we know what happens in the fall; they drop their leaves, sometimes completely covering a property. It’s important that none of the leaves touch your bulbs. If you don’t have lens covers on any up lights, reach out to your outdoor lighting professional. While the leaves are falling en mass, periodically walk your property and brush off any leaves blocking your lights.

Wire. It isn’t uncommon for some wire to become exposed over time, but it should be addressed promptly. When left exposed, the wire can be pulled up even more, especially with fall raking and lawn maintenance. Most of the time wire doesn’t need to be replaced, it simply can be reburied.

If you notice any of these issues, please reach out to us. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is always happy to make your lights look their absolute best!

Designing Outdoor Lighting on the Home of Hope

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Massey Street of Hope and our participation in it. To recap, the Massey Street of Hope is a 16-day September event benefitting VCU’s Massey Cancer Center. The event features eight hopes built by local builders and decorated and finished by local interior designers. A number of events including concerts, lunches, wine, beer, auctions and ticket sales will all go toward the goal of raising $1,000,000 for the Massey Cancer Center.

At the center of the event is the Home of Hope, a collaboration project with vendors donating their time and products to the cause. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond is thrilled to have lit the property, and now we have pictures!

Perkinson Homes built this beautiful property in the Hallsley Neighborhood in Midlothian. It features unique architectural details including lower stonework, rounded arches, gabled roof and a porte-cochere. It truly is a stunning property and we’re proud to keep it that way at night!

As we created this architectural lighting design our goal was to ensure that every piece of it could be appreciated at night by neighbors, the future owners and potential buyers! While we didn’t want to leave any piece of it dark, we also didn’t want the light to be overwhelming. We want people to notice the house before the light.

The majority of the lighting design was general façade lighting. Lights were placed in the ground (you’ll have a hard time seeing the actual fixtures in the picture) that wash the façade in light. We love the way the light brings out the color and textures in the stone and the shaker-style shingles.

The second story has a beautiful gabled area that protrudes out and we didn’t want that aspect left in the dark. Too often we’ve seen outdoor lighting designs that ignore the second story leaving the house to look truncated in some ways. It was important to us to make sure that wasn’t the case here.

The porte-cochere is obviously a stand out feature on the Home of Hope that we paid particular attention to. Special inset up lights were installed on two sides of each column to bring out the beauty but also make sure they are easily seen by drivers coming onto the driveway at night.

If you haven’t marked it already, make sure you have the Massey Street of Hope is on your calendar, September 12-27!

360 Degrees of Outdoor Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we LOVE our clients. We are so thankful that they trust us for all their outdoor and landscape lighting needs in the Midlothian and Greater Richmond area. Since we recommend proactive maintenance service to keep your lights looking great and performing well, our clients truly become partners of ours and some of our favorite projects are when clients add on to their existing systems to illuminate more of their property.

This home in the Richmond started as a curb appeal, architectural lighting project and has evolved into 360 degrees of “outdoor lighting”http://richmond.outdoorlights.com/outdoor-lighting-richmond/. Here you can see the first phase of the lighting project: the front of the home. The homeowners simply wanted to accentuate their home at night while making it safer for visiting friends and family. With so many architectural details, it was a fun lighting design for us to create. The large front porch is a key design element that we had to highlight. Up lights were placed at the base of the columns inviting the eye to the porch. Additional wash lighting was installed on the flanking sides of the home and the second floor so nothing looked dark.

After seeing the difference the lighting made on the front of their home, the homeowners wanted to add more light to the sides and the backyard. Let’s talk about the sides first. The owners and their kids enter the home most often from the side of the house. They have to walk down a path flanked by trees and shrubs. Lights were needed to increase the safety of the walk. The same wash lighting was used on the side of the home, while path lights were installed along the side of the path for sure footing. Up lights were also used to highlight the beautiful crepe and myrtle trees that are so often in the area.

With the front and the sides well illuminated, the homeowners were now in need of backyard lighting and what a backyard it is! A large pool sits just few steps down from a covered porch. While the porch had some can and coach lights, the pool patio wasn’t efficiently lit. A series of path lights were added to the space around the edge of the patio and the connecting walkways to minimize any risks of falling in the pool and making the space even more striking.

If you’re considering adding lighting to your property, let us show you the difference with a nighttime demonstration. We’ll show you just what your home will look like at night before committing to an installation.

Safety Lighting around your Richmond home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond we pride ourselves on creating stunning architectural and landscape lighting systems. Our clients enjoy increased curb appeal and extended time outdoors, but they’re also enjoying a safer property.

Outdoor lighting enhances safety by lighting the areas of the property that could be dangerous if not illuminated properly. Our designers will initially look for:

Steps and stairs. Most of us have tripped up the stairs as some point. The risk of that happening increases when you can’t clearly see where you’re stepping or how many stairs there are. Lighting steps is both easy and necessary in most cases. Here you can see two different step lighting applications in one space. A half-moon down light was installed towards the bottom of the staircase shooting light on the horizontal area of the steps. Towards the top of the stairs, there is a path light that illuminates the top few stairs. These are just two of the lighting applications used on step lighting. Another technique includes installing lights on the step riser.

Pathways. We typically notice a flow to our clients’ properties. Those are the travelled paths of the property. Most often they are paved walkways or paths, but not always. Sometimes the most travelled areas of the property are simply grassy areas, but they still need to be properly lit. Path lights and moonlights are two of the most common outdoor lighting installations. Path lights, like the one you see here, are strategically placed around the traveled areas lighting the surrounding areas. Moonlights are installed high in tree branches over the paths, shooting the light downward. As the light hits branches, they create shadows below mimicking the light of the moon.

Focal Points. We’re lucky to see some of the most beautiful backyards in the Greater Richmond area. From fountains to fire features, we’ve seen it all. While lighting them allow them to be appreciated day and night (which is a great benefit) it also increases the safety of the property. By washing the features with light, homeowners ensure that friends and family do not accidentally walk into or trip over any they shouldn’t. Take this fountain and rock wall for instance. Without the light, it fades into darkness and visitors could easily trip and fall around the space.

If you’re considering safety lighting in Midlothian, Richmond and the surrounding areas, please give us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond a call at 804.874.9985.

Save the Date for the Massey Street of Hope!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we’re proud to be a home service provider in the area. That’s why we try to get involved as much as we can. This September, we’re thrilled to be participating in the Massey Street of Hope.

The Massey Street of Hope will take place from September 12-27, 2015 with different events throughout the 16 days.

The Street of Hope is a combination of beautiful homes and giving back. Located in the Hallsley neighborhood, there will be eight luxury homes with professionally designed interiors. But more importantly, the Street of Hope has a high fundraising goal for VCU’s Massey Cancer Center: $1,000,000. Funds will be raised through a combination of ticket sales, sponsorships, special events and the Home of Hope (explained below). With less than two months before the event, we’ve already raised over $400,000!

The Home of Hope is one of the main pieces of the Street of Hope. Built by Perkinson Homes, it’s a combination project with a number of vendors donating time and interior design products. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is thrilled to be designing and installing the outdoor lighting on the Home of Hope.

Over the 12 days, there will be a number of special events perfect for all ages including shopping boutiques, bands, local beer, wine and food, and finishing with a fall festival!

It’s a little under two months away, but we at OLP are so proud to be involved in such a great event with a great cause. Not to mention it’s fun for us! We love designing and installing the perfect architectural and landscape lighting systems for clients and this one is no different!

With kids going back to school September can be a busy time of year, so mark your calendars now for the Massey Street of Hope!

Christmas Lighting in July?

Yes, we know it’s early, but for us in the lighting world, Christmas is only a few months away. The holiday season is our favorite and not just because we love seeing Richmond sparkle with lights. It’s a great time to welcome friends and family and who doesn’t enjoy the Tacky Light Tour?

Sometimes thinking about hanging outdoor holiday lights is stressful. Few people enjoy getting up on a ladder to secure lights just to take them down a month later. What you may not realize is that a great Christmas lighting display does not have to be difficult to install to be beautiful. Our new Starry Lights application is so easy to use that you may want to use it on and off all year round:

Starry lights is a landscape lighting application that gives the affects of hundreds, if not thousands of twinkling lights without hanging one string. Whether you want the side of your home to shine or the surrounding trees, a small outdoor fixture is placed at the base of the object. With some beam-spread adjustments, small bursts of LED light are emitted to illuminate the space beautifully!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we love this application because of its ease of use and versatility. While we first introduced it as a holiday lighting fixture, it’s a perfect way to dress up your backyard for an outdoor party, barbecue, or a nice night outside with the family.

The Starry Lights fixture is available in a variety of colors including red, green, white, blue, purple, orange and more meaning it can be used just about any time of the year. Our clients love a mixture of the green, orange and purple for Halloween Lighting, while a red white and blue tree would look fabulous around the Fourth of July. This blue and green tree is simply beautiful as a backdrop in any outdoor living space.

If you’re interested in discussing outdoor holiday lighting, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Statue, Pergola, and Landscape Lighting and More

Richmond area homeowners take great pride in their homes and properties. As we visit properties our landscape lighting designers see beautiful details including statues, outdoor structures, and outdoor entertaining areas. Our goal is to allow these stunning details to be appreciated day and night.

Here are some outdoor lighting designs that we’d like to share that highlight the amazing details of a property.

This first home had a beautiful raised covered porch with ivy-covered steps leading to it. When the sun went down, the entire area was completely lost and our goal was to breathe new life into it. The perfect lighting plan needed to address the porch, ivy, and surrounding landscaping.

For the porch, we installed column lighting at the base of the two front columns to shoot light upward into the eaves of the porch. Doesn’t the white of the columns look great against the dark background?

Additional landscape lighting is used for the ivy steps and trees. Path lights and downward facing deck lights bring out the texture and color of the ivy. Up lights were used on the tree surrounding trees to create a “frame” around the entire area.

Our second example comes from an elaborate garden that consists of paths, hedges, urns, and a pergola. It was important to the owners that the entire space can be explored and appreciated, but the light can’t be star. Great garden lighting brings out all of the details without bringing attention to the lighting fixtures.

Up lights were installed at the base of the pergola and the trees, spotlights are used to bring out the urn in the center of the circle, and path lights were installed to light, you guessed it, the paths.

The last landscape lighting example involves this beautiful dripping hanging urn and ivy-covered wall. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was brought in to highlight the color and texture. Spotlights and up-lights strategically placed to make this otherwise dark area shine at night.

If you’re interested in learning more about garden and landscape lighting in Richmond and the surrounding areas, please give us a call at 804.874.9985.

Dress Up Your Yard for Your Next Outdoor Party

Whether it’s a weekend barbecue or party or even a weeknight dinner, summer is a great time to move outside and enjoy the nights outside. Effective and aesthetically pleasing landscape lighting will keep your guests outside in a beautiful environment. If traditional lighting fixtures aren’t you’re style, that’s OK. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers unique lighting options to dress up your backyard in a visually interesting way.

Used for a few years in holiday lighting, our laser light fixtures are increasing in popularity as a unique tree lighting technique. The fixtures are placed at the base of a tree (or other object you’d like to illuminate) and send hundreds of light specs into the branches. Similar to string lights, the LED light makes the tree look as if it’s glowing and are available in multiple colors. The outdoor lighting fixture is rechargeable and can be taken inside when not in use.

Also used for year in holiday lighting, string lights are also growing in popularity as permanent outdoor. They aren’t the same lights you’re wrapping around your Christmas tree, though. These lights are made to be outside day and night. The chords and the bulbs are larger allowing them to stand up to elements over time. You can see here how beautiful the string lights look over a patio, but they also provide effective illumination, beautiful and increasing safety!

Lastly, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers illuminated outdoor accessories through our partnership with Casuwel Outdoor Furniture. The accessories include lanterns, towers, spheres (that float!) and wine coolers. Each piece includes a rechargeable LED light that has several color settings, blue, green, red, and more to provide a colorful glow. Because they are no permanent fixtures, they’re great outdoor lighting options for outdoor parties or dinners.

If you’re interested in learning more about unique outdoor lighting options and ideas for your backyard, please contact us.

Adding Texture and Color to Your Backyard

From crepe myrtles and ivy to azaleas, many plants thrive in the Richmond area. As we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives visit our clients’ properties, we take note of all the beautiful details that make up the home and yard. It’s important to us to accentuate all the beautiful textures and colors on the property while creating our custom outdoor lighting designs.

Texture and color bring life and personality to your outdoor living spaces and it’s a shame when they are lost at night. Here are some of the details that we see often while creating landscape lighting in Richmond:

Ivy. This beautiful vine grows all over the Richmond and Midlothian area. It adds character and texture to so many properties. Here you can see down lights and path lights were used to light these ivy-covered steps and wall. One thing to note with ivy lighting is to keep your eye on growth. Ivy grows very quickly and can easily cover the light if not trimmed proactively.

Crepe Myrtles. Available in pinks, reds and reds, crepe myrtle trees thrive here. They’re stunning. Here you can see a series of them that were highlighted with tree lighting. Up lighting from the base of the trunk accentuates the height and shape of the multiple trunks while bringing depth to the outdoor space.

Retaining walls and stonework. From brick to natural stone, many Richmond properties have some type of stonework, retaining wall or hardscaped feature. These instantly add texture to any outdoor living space, but when they aren’t lit they’re lost and can even be a safety hazard. In this picture, you can see how beautiful a retaining wall can be with outdoor lighting. Down, half moon deck lights shoot light downward onto the stone and the patio below, ensuring sure footing while adding charm to the space.

Flowers and plantings. Nothing adds color to an outdoor living space like flowers. If you have areas on your property where you like to add flowers, tell your outdoor lighting company. With that information, they can make sure that enough light is added to illuminate the area so the color can be appreciated day and night. Here you can see how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives added path lighting to feature the flowers.

If you are interested in enhancing your property with light, please contact us!

Maintaining Your Outdoor Lighting Properly

As we move outside to enjoy summer nights in our yards, it’s one of the most important times that your outdoor and landscape lighting in Richmond are working properly and looking great.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond, we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) to our clients ensuring their lights are always performing at peak performance. Here are some of the lighting system components we pay attention to during system checks:

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures – As landscaping changes and grows, fixtures may need to be moved or repositioned (or landscaping pruned). Additionally, our team will straighten any fixtures they notice are askew.

Bulbs – If your system has any bulbs that are burned out or aren’t providing the desired light output, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will replace them.

Wires – Wires are buried during the installation process, but they still needed to be checked periodically with erosion. We’ll make sure that all wires are properly covered again. If we notice any that is in bad shape, we’ll replace it!

Connections – Every connection between the fixture, wire and transformer will be checked during our system inspection. Voltage levels are checked to make sure each fixture is performing well without using unnecessary energy.

When we design and install a custom landscape lighting system in the Richmond area, we give our clients their first year’s AMP free. After that, clients can choose to renew it each year. When a system is under the AMP program, it extends your warranty for certain lighting components and provides you with priority service if there is ever an issue with your system.

We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Richmond want you to enjoy your lights all year round and proactive maintenance is key to that enjoyment. Even with high quality and high performing outdoor lighting fixtures like ours, maintenance is important. Please contact us for any questions.

Entertain More Outdoors with Deck and Patio Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we pride ourselves on enhancing the outdoor living experience of our clients with light. Now that Memorial Day has passed, more and more homeowners are enjoying nights outside with friends and family. Our deck and patio lights in Richmond ensure the party stays outside when the weather allows it.

Just recently, we visited the home of a client that loves to cook and during the spring and summer, they like to cook outside on the grill as much as possible. They were having some trouble, however, on nights when they got home later and couldn’t see the grill or the food cooking. We knew a barbecue light installation would be perfect for this backyard.

Barbecue lights are most commonly installed on the deck railing around a grill or on a permanent outdoor kitchen. Unlike traditional deck and patio lights, barbecue lights have a long neck with some flexibility to it, allowing homeowners to easily direct the light where it is needed. The lights not only make outdoor cooking easier, but also safer, minimizing the risk of unnecessary burns.

After the food is prepared, outdoor lights can provide beautiful and effective illumination for outdoor dining and entertaining. Deck and Patio lights come in a variety of styles and applications. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives helps homeowners decide which type of light is best for your backyard. Some of our favorites are:

Traditional Deck and Patio Lights. Our classic lighting fixtures are our most popular backyard lighting option. They are strategically placed around the patio or along the deck railing posts, shooting light downward. While the light beam effectively lights the outdoor living space, the fixtures themselves are not the focal point.

String Lights. Used for years in outdoor holiday lighting, string lights are now a common lighting application for outdoor living spaces. They can be wrapped around trees or railings, or strung above the space. Just look how whimsical this backyard looks with string lights.

Tiki Path Lights. Nothing says summertime part light tiki lights. Often times, however, they don’t provide enough light for safety purposes, until now. Our tiki path lights are half tiki torch, half path light. It looks like a tiki torch, but the bottom half is a path light that illuminates the surrounding surface.

If you have questions on enhancing your backyard with light, please contact us at 804.874.8895.

Architectural Lighting for your Richmond Home

Richmond, Midlothian and the surrounding areas have beautiful homes with architecturally interesting properties. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are lucky to visit a lot of these properties, see their artistry and accentuate it with architectural lighting.

The purpose of architectural lighting is all in the name: to highlight the lines and details of the home. Here are a two examples of two very different home that we brought to life at night:

This home has unique textures and multiple peaks. We knew as soon as we drove up to the home, we HAD to accentuate the beautiful stonework on the front façade. Up lights were installed along the base of the property. Shooting light upward washes the surface with a warm glow of light that isn’t too hot or bright. A good outdoor lighting design shouldn’t draw your eye to one area, instead it should highlight the overall property.

In addition to wash lighting, we had to ensure that all peaks were illuminated, otherwise the home would look cut off and dark at the top. In this case, up lights installed on the ground couldn’t get to the peaks on the right as the covered porch cut off the beam. Instead, lights were installed on the roofline along the gutter to hit those hard to reach areas.

Like the first home, this second property also has a stunning stone façade, but also has two story columns around its front door. Our team knew the architectural had to highlight those stunning columns to make the home pop at night. A series of up lights comprise the overall design, illuminating the entire front of the home.

When designing and installing a custom architectural lighting system, our team will walk your property and discuss your favorite aspects of your home and yard. Maybe you love the way trees frame your front door, or the classic lines of the space. With that information, we’ll create a system that incorporates your favorite characteristics of the home. Once the lights are installed, we aren’t done. One of our team members will come out at night and make some adjustments to the light beam and direction to ensure the best result possible.

If you have questions on lighting your home, please contact us at 804.874.9985.

Preparing Your Home for Sale with Custom Architectural Lighting

We are just a few weeks away to the beginning of the summer season. Summer is not only the season of barbecues and camps, but it is also the season for moving. If you’re preparing a home for sale, you may want to consider enhancing your curb appeal with landscape lighting.

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are very important. The home and the property need to look their best. If potential buyers come by your property at night, they may not be able to see its charm. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we design and install custom landscape lighting systems in Richmond and the surrounding areas to make properties look perfect.

We recently lit this home which will hit the market soon. It’s a beautiful brick home but unfortunately it was lost at night. To make it even more appealing, we designed a system that addressed the front and back of the home. On the front, we used up lights at the base of the home to create a warm wash of light. The light is subtle, but it brings out the architecture, color and texture of the home.

While designing architectural lighting, it is important that the light hits all the peaks of the structure. As you can see, the light hits the multiple peaks of this property so the potential buyers have a very clear view of the home, both day and night.

In addition to up lights, path lights were added to illuminate the front walkway leading buyers to the front door.

In the backyard, the owners wanted to highlight the beautiful outdoor living space which includes a custom outdoor kitchen, fire pit and uniquely shaped paver patio. Path lights were place strategically around the edges of the patio to bring out the shape while also highlighting the surrounding landscaping.

Deck down lights were also installed in two places: around the outdoor kitchen and fire pit. On the outdoor kitchen, the lights were placed under the bar area, accentuating the stone. Around the fire pit, the lights were not only placed for beauty, but also safety. Potential buyers and homeowners need to clearly see the structure as not to trip over it!

If you’re selling your home this season, please contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to bring out the best in your property.

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